Monday, April 3, 2017


By Jada McCullough Lombard

To beard or not to beard?
That is the question

Photo courtesy of The Pure Boutique

Love them, like them, or despise them, beards and moustaches are here to stay. If you are sporting a Handlebar, Horseshoe, Toothbrush, Fu Manchu, Walrus, Imperial, Pencil, or Lampshade, you are part of a club that dates back to 300 B.C. Similarly, if you are the proud wearer of a soul patch, chin strap, chin curtain, goatee, or a full beard, you are participating in a tradition that has lasted centuries, one I’m certain will last centuries more. 

Little known fact, did you know that men touch their beards/moustaches over 760 times a day? Some scientists say that stroking beards and moustaches increases concentration and cognitive ability. Others say that it’s a homing behavior to attract the jealousy and admiration of the beardless, while others believe it adds to the natural-instinct to find the nearest mountain. I guess we will never really know why so many men exhibit this behaviour (insert giggle here). 

Choosing to grow facial hair is not devoid of complications however. Many men who grow beards and moustaches often complain that they are itchy, especially in the initial growth phase. So, I thought this is a timely opportunity to talk about skin care, beard and moustache grooming, and how to care for your, as Herman Melville humourously described in his book, “Towering Irrelevance”, crops, suburbs of the chin, love-curls, fine tassels, the fleece, and muzzle-lashings. 

Don Benjamin, former America's Next Top Model contestant (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

As you may know, I am an advocate of using all-natural, eco-friendly, cruelty free products in ones daily beauty/grooming regime. Looking for the best products that fit this criteria, I admit, can seem quite daunting, so that’s why I did a little homework for you. I found a handful of products that will take your skin care and beard/moustache grooming to the next level without emptying your wallet!

Shiva’s Delight, owned and operated by Casey Boyce, located in picturesque Kingston, Ontario, Canada, has created the most amazing line of Vegan, eco Luxurious, skincare, soaps, lotions, balms, and yes, beard oils! Casey’s line for men is phenomenal. Her beard oils, Lime Juniper and Lavender Cedarwood, condition the beard to make it silky smooth. They can be used all over the face to keep it looking supple, and did I mention, they smell incredible? Her line also includes a Sensitive Facial Serum, Joint and Muscle Soothing Balm, Rosemary Foot Balm, and the Moringa Man Bar which is just out of this world! What man wouldn’t want a multi-purpose, great smelling, hand-made bar perfect for shaving, body washing, shampooing, and beard washing? All products are available on-line!

Photo courtesy of Shiva’s Delight

Another, must visit on-line shop is The Pure Boutique. They offer a wide array of all natural after shave, balms & waxes, deodorant, lip balm, scuttles & brushes, soap, cologne, and yes, beard oil! One product line that immediately caught my eye, is the Nova Scotia Fisherman X-treme Skin Care line. Their Salt N Sea Body scrub containing Sea Kelp and Sea buckthorn will cleanse your skin of dead skin cells leaving moisturizing oils and nutrients behind. Their lotion, available in Original, Sea Fennel & Bayberry, and Sea buckthorn & Shea, is naturally moisturizing, non-greasy, and perfect for the whole body

So, if you have a furry face, or love someone with a glorious stache or beard, know that you are in great company and there are products out there that will gently care for your beloved bristles. 

Photo courtesy of The Pure Boutique


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