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By Lisa Doherty

Spa Review
The Spa on The Water – Bota Bota

Photo by Corinne Fortier / Courtesy of Bota Bota

Nestled in the harbour of the old port in Montreal is Bota Bota, a beautiful spa that has breathtaking views of Old Montreal and the 1976 Olympic grounds. But Bota Bota is not like any other spa. It is built on an old ferry used in the 50s and 60s that was revived and renovated in 2008. With 5 decks, it has plenty of indoor and outdoor space with unique characteristics sure to please anyone who comes on board. 

Time to Relax

Tranquil relaxation areas can be found on all 5 decks throughout the boat. There is no shortage of lounging room. Contemporary bean bag chairs, beds and basket swings provide ultimate comfort and relaxation inside the boat. Head outside, and you can lay out on one of the pool chairs or chaise lounges and catch some rays. Views of the St. Lawrence river can be seen from all of the lounging areas from both in and outdoors.

The Circuit

Bota Bota’s onboard circuit is meant to rid your body of toxins, stimulate the cardiovascular system, provide relaxation and for some people, face your fears of shocking your body. Simply spend 10-15 minutes in one of their multiple hot tubs or enjoy a eucalyptus steam bath, followed by a short plunge into one of their cold pools. After your body and cardiovascular system have been shocked by the cold water, enjoy the heat again and relax in the sauna, sun or hot tub. This will allow your body to feel ultimate relaxation. What I particularly loved about Bota Bota’s circuit was that the cryotherapy pool was not too cold. It was actually quite refreshing and I went back for more and enjoyed the cycle 3 more times. 

The Pool

With pool bars, cabanas, swings, and champagne, who wouldn’t enjoy this resort-like atmosphere. The pool is situated just outside the boat on the Bota Bota grounds, which look onto beautiful gardens. The pool’s centerpiece has a relaxing yet vibrant waterfall that pours continuously into the pool. At each area of the pool deck, staff are eager to greet each guest and assist with any questions or requests. The pool bar serves drinks and light snacks all day, the perfect indulgence to an already luxurious day.

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Why not get pampered while you relax on a serene boat on the water? Bota Bota offers many different treatments, some which are unique to them. Stretch out in one of their yoga classes, or strengthen in a pilates class, then release tension with a massage, facial or body treatment. Bota Bota offers a one of a kind Lomi-Lomi Nui massage that they describe as “ a sensory experience with random maneuvers” that is meant to bring harmony to your body. Other massages that Bota Bota offers include Bamboo Massages, Californian massages and hot shell massages. 

If you are looking for stress relief or relief from insomnia, head or eye pain, then a Kobido facial may be just the thing for you. This ancient Japanese treatment was created to relax and release tension in your head, neck and face.

Photos by Corinne Fortier / Courtesy of Bota Bota

Photo by Corinne Fortier / Courtesy of Bota Bota

Photo courtesy by Charles Briand / Courtesy of Bota Bota

For more information about the many treatments, packages, food and pampering that Bota Bota has to offer, you can check out the detailed descriptions and videos on their website or follow them on instagram: @botabotamtl. Next time you are in Montreal, be sure to check it out.

*Special thank you to Bota Bota for inviting Fashion Studio Magazine for the treatment.

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