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By Eva Fydrych

Ilanit Shalev
Ilanit Jewelery

Photo courtesy of Ilanit (Click to enlarge)

With the holiday season just around the corner and 2017 coming to an end, it's the perfect time to think about getting some new accessories for yourself and your loved ones.

Ilanit Jewelry is a unique brand that focuses on stylish accessories and statement jewelry for a modern, sophisticated woman. Founded by Ilanit Shalev, a glass artist based in San Diego, the brand offers one-of-a-kind pieces that effortlessly combine fashion, art, and wearability. Created with a mission to inspire and empower all women, Ilanit offers both minimalist and bold pieces that won't go unnoticed. 

"Too many people are just followers", says Ilanit Shalev as we talk about her inspiration, the design process, and the philosophy behind the brand. Read the whole interview below!

Clutch Champagne (Photo courtesy of Ilanit)

FASHION STUDIO: What inspired you to start your own business? 

ILANIT: Life changing events have created my inspirations. Within a close period, I lost my mom to cancer and went through a divorce. It made me understand that this is the right thing to do and to start living my dream. I was able to combine all three of my passions that I have; glass, fashion and design. It was clear that jewelry and accessories with fused glass was my direction.

Creating wearable art by adding a little twist of glass, makes my work different and unique. From the darkest times I chose to grow and believe in myself. It’s a dream to make a living doing what you love to do. I hope my jewelry pieces create a statement that inspires. If I could share one statement it would be: Be Strong, Be Unique, Be You.

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe your target customer? Who do you design for?

ILANIT: I design for the woman that is looking for something different and unique. Someone who wears my jewelry and feels confident and alive. She is stylish but wants to add a statement. She is living modern life and wants to be accepted as she is.

Jewelry designer Ilanit Shalev

FASHION STUDIO: What do you consider your biggest success so far?

ILANIT: My biggest success is fighting through the fear and the unknown. Starting something from scratch and to be accepted was huge for me. Having returning costumers that are looking for my brand means I'm doing it!!!

FASHION STUDIO: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

ILANIT: The best inspirations are those times when you find yourself in awe looking at fabrics and colors and your mind just goes crazy. It’s amazing how as the seasons change so do the colors, materials and fashions. As glass has so many colors sometimes I will be looking at a sunset or the ocean and have a moment where I say, “I need to capture that on my next line of jewelry”. 

FASHION STUDIO: What are your main challenges and how do you overcome them?

ILANIT: My main challenge is to narrow down all the ideas I have. As I try to create my pieces around the different seasons I have to decide quickly on a direction. 

Glow Collection Bracelet (Photo courtesy of Ilanit)

FASHION STUDIO: Which jewellery trends for Fall/Winter 2017 would you recommend?

ILANIT: Jewelry trends for Fall/ Winter 2017 are bold statement pieces, in bronze silver and gold colors. Velvet chokers are getting fancier and bold earrings are must have. 

FASHION STUDIO: What is the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever received?

ILANIT: Be bold and don’t be shy to be your own fashion model. Too many people are just followers…wear pieces that make you feel special. 

FASHION STUDIO: What is your ultimate goal? Where do you see your business in five years time?

ILANIT: I see my brand as the talk of the town. Specifically with my bracelets, the must-have accessory for every woman who believes in herself.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you for letting us get to know you better and good luck with all your future projects!

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