Saturday, December 16, 2017


By Luke Douglas

How Athleisure Became
a Staple of Modern Fashion 

Photo courtesy of Ashley Chloe

Workout gear, activewear, athleisure, sportswear – call it what you will, it has taken the fashion world by storm, infused everyone’s style in a matter of days, and it has become the ultimate expression of comfort, freedom, rebellion and, yes, style. These clothes are no longer a limited choice for the gym-goers and fitness freaks, as they have shown up in many a brand’s latest collection. 

You’ve seen it on everyone, on almost every occasion, from your elderly neighbor walking her dog, high school wannabe Rihanna girls, to haute couture models both on the runway and flaunting their love for athleisure off-duty. But how did this trend soar so high in such a brief timeframe? 

The health and fitness revolution

With millennials becoming the main influencers in the world, and not just of fashion for that matter, their voices are shaping the reality of the modern consumer. And when it comes to lifestyles, the long-reigning rule of fast-food and fast life is galloping towards its end, to be replaced by a health-oriented, self-aware way of living. 

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

In the real world, that translates to a greater tendency towards physical activities of all sorts, more people hitting the gym, opting for the protein smoothie instead of the choco-cookie latte, and even more of them eager to switch to whole, nutritious foods and ready to take up an aerobics class. And with a changing mindset that revolves around wellbeing, it makes sense that activewear becomes more than just a fashion choice, but a reflection of one’s preferences, and a form of self-expression. 

From Rihanna to the Hadid sisters

While a great portion of fashion influence comes from popular social networks such as Instagram, where thousands of followers decide on their next office combo based on what Rachel Wernicke or Emily Plummer approved in the past few weeks, the celebrity realm still reigns supreme. Supermodels, designers and stars of all sorts have given their thumbs up for the athleisure trend on the rise.

And so, Fenty Puma by Rihanna was born, taking athleisure to a whole new level of raw and chic. There’s Beyoncé’s Topshop brand Ivy Park that epitomized the early stages of athleisure rise. And if you want to upgrade your otherwise monochrome street style look, then Gigi and Bella can show you how you can pair bombers, leggings, clean white sneakers and so many other activewear favorites of the season. One thing’s for sure, that you won’t lack inspiration. 

Kendall Jenner (Photo courtesy of Marie Claire)

The brand-infused sporty epidemic

Another factor that contributed to the overwhelming spread of workout clothes into our daily style choices is the fact that an increasing number of brands are producing high-quality items that no longer look like the traffic lights made love to a nylon tracksuit. On the contrary, we now have access to a wide variety of yoga pants designs, sleek leggings and regular workout gear that is useful (and stunning) outside of the fitness realm.

Even pieces such as durable compression clothing can now be seen paired up with a casual tee and a hoodie, as people transition from their morning workout into work-mode and reap the rewards of this gear’s ability to help with recovery and regulating body temperature. Trends like these are a clear sign that in addition to comfort, purpose, quality and durability are among other favorite reasons for modern fashionistas to opt for athleisure almost every day. 

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

A passing fad or a way of life?

With the mindset shift towards a greener, healthier, more natural way of life, also comes the flood of misconceptions and contradicting information, and should we even start with fad diets and false detox trends? But it has been several years now that we’re seeing a steady and sturdy rise in popularity of this fitness-fashion dynamics that keeps getting more complex and beautiful by the day.

These pieces of clothing represent a lifestyle. They are the personification of a growing “can do” mindset, paired with comfort, quality and sleek design, they have transcended the idea of merely useful things to own, even beyond their easily adaptable appearance and versatility, and moved into the realm of experiences. Therefore, for as long as there is a fast-spreading love for fitness, and a global tendency towards mindful, healthy living, athleisure will remain steadfast in its fashion throne. 

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