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Colombiatex de las Americas begins

Photos courtesy of Inexmoda

Colombiatex de las Americas begins by inviting entrepreneurs to open their eyes to new opportunities, technology and innovation

January 2018 - In the framework of the official inauguration of Colombiatex of the Americas 2018, Daniel Arenas, Vice Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Luis Pérez, the Governor of Antioquia, and Federico Gutiérrez, the Mayor of Medellín, highlighted the 30 years of the Tradeshow and of Inexmoda as a knowledgeable institute that connects and transforms the Fashion System in Colombia and Latin America, and announced the developments on each of its fronts for the Textile and Clothing Industry of the country.

The Vice Minister of Business Development, Daniel Arango Ángel, announced the setting of customs limits to prevent the prices of textiles and threads from entering remarkably low prices. Because of this, importers must pay an additional fee, as established in the Decree 2218 of December 27, 2017. In November 2017, the Ministry of Commerce had already extended for two years the 40% clothing fee (Decree 1786 of November 2, 1786), when importation prices were equal to or lower than $10 USD per kilo. When they exceed this price, the fee will be 15%. "This was a reocurring request of the textile industry, in the process of cordinating public policies, in particular the Productive Development Policy, in which industrialists have participated," he said. "This Government's fight against smuggling has been upfront and permanent. In 2017 alone, 16 million articles of clothing were seized, to the value of $600.000 million,” he stated.

Photo courtesy of Inexmoda

He also announced that Bancoldex extended to $120,000 million the initial quota of $90,000 million, effective from October of 2017, which 826 companies have already had access to (with credits of $91.939 million), especially to improve the productivity and the liquidity of the textile companies.

And to support Inexmoda’s work in its 30th year, which continues to be a reference point for knowing, connecting and transforming the Fashion System in Latin America, the Vice Minister emphasized the $4.000 million support offered in 2017 to finance the productive transformation program and announced that in 2018 an additional $3.000 million will be received.

The Inexmoda President highlighted the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Institute, precisely at this Colombiatex de las Américas Tradeshow, and thanked several unconditional and strategic allies for their support, such as the Government of Antioquia, the Mayor of Medellín, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, ProColombia, the UPB, TigoUne and other entities that have made it possible for Inexmoda to keep 'connecting knowledge to make the Fashion System vibrate', as this is its highest purpose. Likewise, and following the concept of Open Your Eyes, Carlos Eduardo Botero invited entrepeneurs of the Industry to see uncertainty as an opportunity to strenghthen business models and focus on individual innovative strategies to compete and be sustainable over time. He also reaffirmed that Inexmoda will continue to support the strengthening of this indivitual strategy through its porfolio of products and services.

Photo courtesy of Inexmoda

Photo courtesy of Inexmoda

The Mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga, emphasized that the presence of 579 exhibitors and 16,000 national and international buyers, generates $12 million USD for the city and an 85% hotel occupancy rate. 

The Governor of Antioquia, Luis Pérez Gutiérrez, is on board with the optimistic view of the business dealings that surround this Tradeshow and the industry throughout the year, with important announcements on several infrastructure projects that will improve the competitiveness of regional exports. He noted that on January 31 work will begin on opening the tunnel of El Toyo, on the road to the sea - between Santa Fe de Antioquia and Cañasgordas - to connect the highways Autopistas Mar I and Mar II. On that same day work will begin on the tunnel of La Quiebra, which will allow the development of a double lane highway on flat terrain between Medellin and Cisneros, on the road to Puerto Berrio.

These construction works, said the Governor, "will help entrepreneurs of the Textile Manufactoring Industry and other industries, to 'Open our Eyes', as Inexmoda invites you... The entire department of Antioquia needs to Open its Eyes to see the sea, to generate more wealth and more accelerated growth"."

Pabellón Amarillo y Extensión (Photo courtesy of Inexmoda)

At the opening of Colombiatex de las Americas 2018, Inexmoda offered a tribute to several companies that have been unconditional allies during these 30 years and which are emblems of the Fashion System: Abit (Brazilian Association of the Textile Industry), for their prominent presence for over 20 years at Inexmoda Tradeshows; Manufacturas Elliot and the Lycra firm, both for their 60 years; Santana Textiles (also from Brazil) for their 55 years; Spataro Nápoli, for 50 years of operations, EKA Corporation, for 50 years, and Tecniplas Limitada, for 40 years.

The Tradeshow will continue today, January 24, with their traditional Denim Day, and Thursday, January 25. Both days will have a positive impact on entrepreneurs of the Fashion System and will generate powerful business opportunities to promote the upturn of the Industry.

Photos courtesy of Inexmoda

Photos courtesy of Inexmoda

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