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By Helen Bradford

Color of the Year
Learn How to Wear Ultra Violet

Photos courtesy of Helen Bradford and Sephora

The Pantone Color of the Year is here and it’s going to bring the fashion world to a whole new level. Futuristic and uncompromising, Ultra Violet will certainly inspire some new fashion styles and bold decisions. However, although it’s all about looking ahead, there are some limits to how brazen you can be with this vibrant color. 

Pantone has a long tradition of influencing beauty and fashion all over the world. Every December, the jury comes to the impatiently awaited decision of which color will dictate the new trends. If you want to be in style, incorporate something in ultra violet tones. But to avoid tackiness, the following advice will keep you right in the game with the most fashionable people. 

Photo courtesy of Helen Bradford


Ultra violet is the perfect color to add a fresh look to your everyday wardrobe. Choose some accessories like earrings, headphones or a scarf to your attire to turn your outfit to an eye-catching delight. Pantone advises using several shades of their color of the year

Some are brighter and great additions to darker outfits, while those in the pastel spectrum will fit those with a more discreet fashion taste perfectly. Glasses and watches are perfect for those who want to be trendy but are still insecure about trying something more obvious. These two are perfect to start with implementing ultra violet little by little in the everyday fashion sense. 

Photo courtesy of Helen Bradford

Party extravagance 

The great thing about ultra violet is that its shades can make you look naïve or vamp. It’s just a matter of tone and how you incorporate it in your look. The runways are already full of styles by big brands like Gucci and Prada giving us their ideas of ultra violet fashion. 

You can go with purple tones for a fitted waist dress or a mid-calf length skirt with a slit for a sexy and seductive look. Or pick a pair of flared trousers with sequin details and big buttons in lilac for that free and less conforming style. Whatever your choice, ultra violet will help you choose the best edition for yourself which will suit the occasion and your individual fashion taste. 

Photo courtesy of Helen Bradford

Try some new materials 

Every color has that one material which makes it shine better than all others. For ultra violet that’s velvet. Velvet is the king of fabrics. It can be in the details or make a complete outfit, but whatever you choose it will sure provide a lavish and classic appeal. It’s also one of the materials you can use for shoes, especially ankle boots. 

However, one of the best velvet clothing items are probably the blazers. They look great on jeans, over sweaters, with belts and long flared skirts. Although ultra violet may seem like a complicated color to fit with others, you can be a little unconventional and pair it with red shoes. This will certainly make you stand out in the crowd while still being a fashion icon. 

Photo courtesy of Helen Bradford

Bags and shoes 

It’s hard to talk about one without the other since bags and shoes have ruled the fashion world for generations and generations. When you think about showing off your fashion sense, these two are perfect not only for playing it safe, but also for leaving an impression with style. 

You can wear beautiful Avarca sandals or Benedetta Bruzziches clutch bag in ultra violet tones with some classic outfits and look ready for the red carpet. Ultra violet will also give some extra class to your casual look, and a Nike gym bag will certainly keep you trendy for workouts. 

Photo courtesy of Helen Bradford

Go wild with the makeup 

Violet is not unusual in the makeup world. Different shades were used over the years and for every occasion. But this time, ultra violet has brought a futuristic aspect into the whole makeup scene. Eye-shadows and lipsticks with visible glitter are what will mark the 2018 season. 

Although violet hair color has been quite present in the past two or three years, it is still not ready to leave the stage. Eyelashes and nail polishes will only increase their presence, while some matte violets are never going away. 

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Don’t be afraid to try ultra violet in any or all presented forms. This is the color that will make you feel free and liberated from traditional forms. If we ever had a chance to be dashing and audacious, it’s this year in different shades of ultra violet.

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