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Playing with Colors
Setting the Mood with Interior Design 

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Colors have a huge impact on our mood and emotions. Therefore, it’s important that we surround ourselves with nuances that will soothe our senses and make us feel good in our own skin. How a certain shade will influence us is not always predictable but there are certain qualities of different colors that are pretty much consistent. With this in mind, we’ve singled out a list of ideas on how to play with colors and set the right mood with your interior design. Let’s take a look and the redecoration may begin! 

Create a balance 

Choosing the right colors for your home can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re sharing the house with other family members. In this case, since you are all individuals with your own characteristic traits, preferences and personalities, it’s hard to expect that you’ll immediately agree on the best choice. Luckily, there is a way to avoid any further disagreements - create a balance. In other words, instead of painting your entire living room in a strong hue like orange or yellow which can stimulate you but irritate others, you should opt for a more neutral base and then add more vivid details and accessories.

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Keep in mind that it also depends on our current state of mind which colors will soothe our senses. For instance, it has been shown that people who are under a lot of stress at work prefer more calming shades and classic pastel nuances, while their children may find them depressing and devoid of any liveliness. To conclude, the key to happy living is compromise and balance. Therefore, instead of sticking to one color only, try to achieve a perfect combination of vivid and more somber nuances. 

Photo courtesy of Miss Amara

Black is a classic choice 

If you’re one of those people who appreciates elegancy and a classic look, then black is definitely your color. Even though we wouldn’t recommend bringing too much of it in your living room and bedroom, a kitchen with black countertops would really scream great taste and sophistication. Furthermore, this color is extremely powerful, so it’s not surprising that many people are opting for it when designing their home offices. It can help you express your professional side and gain the authority you’ll need to impress your potential clients. However, if you find black to be too heavy for your taste, don’t worry. After all, even the smallest details like a black picture frame on your desk or a leather chair can be enough to achieve this effect. 

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Keep it simple – go for a white living room 

Sometimes we get so immersed in choosing the right color for our living space that we forget the most obvious and easiest choice – white. The best thing about this color is that it’s absolutely universal and simple so there is nothing to dislike about it. On top of that, it’s perfect for smaller spaces since it will create an illusion of spaciousness and make the room look much brighter. 

However, if you’re not that much into the minimalist approach, you can always enrich your space with colorful home accessories like interestingly-patterned rugs, bright red curtains or vintage orange vases. These will add that finishing touch and contribute to creating a perfect homey feel. Finally, painting an accent wall is always a great option since it will definitely break the monotony and add a breath of fresh air to the room. You just need to experiment with different nuances until you discover which one reflects your inner self the best. 

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Purple – for a luxurious bedroom 

The bedroom is the place where we should feel relaxed and be able to unwind all the accumulated stress. In order to achieve this, it’s essential to decorate it in a way that will express who we really are by being totally in tune with our personality. For example, a light purple shade has been shown to be a great choice since it is very luxurious and possesses a unique, mysterious quality at the same time that will help us get in touch with our deepest thoughts and feelings. You can opt for violet linens or bring in a nice indigo armchair which will look super-chic and be practical at the same time. On top of that, deep purple pillow cases will definitely make you feel is if you were sleeping in the royal palace. 

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Green bathroom is a must 

Last but not least, when deciding on the best interior design for your home, don’t even think about neglecting your bathroom. After all, this is the room where you’ll come every day to relax after an exhausting day at work and enjoy long baths. Considering this, we would recommend opting for one of the most restful colors – green. Its natural quality will have a healing effect on your soul and make you feel totally at peace. You can either choose lime geometrical tiles or opt for details like green towels and scented candles. Lastly, you can even take a more direct approach and incorporate greenery into this space as well. A few potted flowers will be enough to turn your bedroom into a real oasis of serenity. 

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There are so many ways to use the colors to set the right mood in your home. You just need to be open to innovative solutions and ready to experiment with different color combinations until you discover the best one for you. We wish you a lot of luck with this project and don’t forget to enjoy your new home!

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