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ModaLisboa Multiplex
One heritage, many lives

Photo courtesy of ModaLisboa

11 | 12 | 13 | 14 OCTOBER 2018

There have been and will continue to be many attempts to pacify fashion, to close it within one single concept, to confine it to a single space, to define it in one way only, to see it in a single perspective.

MODALISBOA has always fought and will continue to fight against this urgency in reducing, taming and categorizing fashion, as if it was a custom hanged on a closet, a frame that we look on without thinking or a piece of art transformed into a status object and individual ostentation.

MODALISBOA MULTIPLEX is a result of the permanent and continuous work developed by Moda Lisboa in Portugal across the last 27 years, and is therefore the edition that mirrors the lively, organic, multipurpose, multidisciplinary, gathering and unpredictable way as Fashion evolves in the world and among people.

MULTIPLEX is going to be what people bring and decide to take back. It will be a guided visit through several creation spaces, distinct ways of intervention, many artistic identities, reflecting the way like arts and crafts communicate with each other in this multidisciplinary web of production and industry.

Photo courtesy of ModaLisboa

In this edition, MULTIPLEX, several languages will be spoken, many realities will be known, a lot of perspectives will be shared. MULTIPLEX does not only mean that many fashions will coexist in a common geography, but that Fashion will be expressed in a kind of emotional open space, like an atelier with a privileged view to the world.

MULTIPLEX presents the Spring-Summer 2019 collections in Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, however, its activation will be spread too across new locations, new initiatives, new partnerships and a series of new events.

The fashion week will include venues like Estufa Fria, the Arte Antiga Museum and the Cinema São Jorge. MULTIPLEX points out the partnership with two cinema festivals: the Queer Lisboa and the DocLisboa 2018.

The Sangue Novo contest (October 12th) brings together national and international designers, in a cast of ten names already defined by the jury Miguel Flor, Alfredo Oróbio and Cláudia Barros.

Check Point is an exhibition area showing the Sangue Novo collections as well as a new way of thinking and debating Fashion professionally, including the Fast Talks in the opening day (October 11th) and hosting new public happenings along the weekend.

Also, on the October 11th, a few former designers of Sangue Novo, who were present in Wonder Room too, are able to present their new collections in an open event to the public taking place in Estufa Fria. The Wonder Room will have a total of 24 brands and designers, including the ones who unveiled their collections in Estufa Fria, during the opening day.

MULTIPLEX. One heritage, many lives.

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