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By Mia Johnson

How to Achieve a Total Body Makeover
by Modifying Your Eating Habits

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Going for that ideal fitness body is not just about the way you look but also about the way you feel. If you manage to pull off a complete body makeover that could only mean that you have achieved inner peace and all thanks to losing weight and getting into shape. An important factor in any total body makeover is, of course, the diet. The things we eat and drink have a huge impact on how we look, so the saying “you are what you eat” is true in this case.

However, it is not easy to adjust the diet to meet our fitness goals, as you need to stop eating some types of food and start eating others. Hiring a nutritionist can prove to be too expensive and online videos are not to be trusted as they are more than often fake. In fact, if you change your diet the wrong way, the seemingly healthy meal plan can backfire. You will gain weight and a dubious diet can even make you feel sick. That is why you should stick to the classic pieces of advice when it comes to altering your diet. We have compiled a small dietary guide on how to achieve a total body makeover without overspending or endangering your health. 

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Increasing the vegetable intake

One of the key points of a balanced diet is not venturing into extremes. Don’t eat meat for every meal but don’t forcefully become a vegan or a vegetarian as that is not necessary. What your diet really needs are some more vegetables on the plate. They are known to reduce the risk of developing cancer and a heart condition since they are full of vitamins and nutrients.

The trick with vegetables is to eat them fresh, as heat treating them destroys much of the nutrients present in them. In fact, the fresher they are, the better the effect they produce. Ideally, you could have a garden in your backyard and just go outside and pluck the vegetable you need and consume it within hours. If you find it hard to eat meals comprised solely of vegetables, a nice way to increase their intake is to try to add them as a side dish to almost every meal, even if that means just putting some lettuce at the edge of the plate for aesthetic reasons.

Drink plenty of water

Every college student that spends hours sitting in the auditorium will tell you how important it is to always carry a water bottle on your person. Hydration is essential if you wish to become and stay healthy. The dosage that we have been instructed to stick to when we were small is true after all: at least two liters of water per day. This translates into some nine glasses of water a day, which seem a lot but that is how much our organism requires to function properly.

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Don’t forget that 40% of our total body mass is actually water, so replenishing its reserves is really important. If you want smooth skin and strong muscles, then you can drink even more, something like 13 glasses per day. However, don’t drink too much at once, as gulping down liters can cause kidney problems. Finally, if you can’t remember to drink all day from morning to sundown, get a water bottle like our student from the example to carry it wherever you go.

Supplement use

Besides the three main meals during the days, you are bound to include snacks and various supplements into your diet. If you work out regularly, then you need to take care which supplements you are consuming. One way to go is whey protein as offered by True Protein products that is a component of milk and it usually consists of 80% casein and 20% whey. It is beaten into power to be used by athletes since in its powder form it is low in lactose. Whey contains nine amino acids, proteins and it is rich in vitamin B12. Of course, you shouldn’t include it in the diet yourself before you have read at least one beginner’s guide to use of whey protein in working out.

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Savor each bite

People are not cars that just need to be filled with fuel and they are ready to go. There is a mental aspect to eating that should not be disregarded. Even if your work break is short, in the half an hour range, you should focus on the food and enjoy every single bite of it. In other words, eat slower and actively think about the taste and the texture of the food you are chewing. Such mindfulness will help your body process the food better, thus enhancing the effect of all the nutrients you digest.

Get enough sleep

A good bodybuilder knows that muscle size is 1/3 working out and eating the right food and 2/3 of the muscle mass is sleep. This is the time when our muscles rest and process the signal which muscle group to “enlarge,” so in a weird way, we become most active while sleeping. Each person’s need for sleep in unique but scientists agree that anywhere from 6 to 8 hours is sufficient for the majority of the population. Any period shorter or longer than this one can result is serious health issues that will set us off from our goal to live healthily. Besides the length, the quality of sleeping is also important. Sleeping in one set, without intermission is ideal and in order to achieve this, you should really put down the smartphone before going to bed.

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Stay active

It would be perfect if you took up a sport or, as we mentioned previously, worked out. However, if you are a phlegmatic type of person, even a simple walk around the block can do wonders for your health. The key is to stay active at all times, regardless of how light this activity is.

In the end, you need to change the whole mindset and lead a proactive life. This means adopting several of the dietary habits listed here. By doing so, you will achieve the desired body makeover in no time!

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