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By Brigitte Evans

How to Achieve Born-with-It Beauty

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Are you’re tired of waking up in the morning an hour early to do your face, straighten or curl your hair, find a perfect pair of shoes for the day to make you seem taller and a perfect pair of jeans to hide your tummy? Well, it’s time to ditch those unhealthy habits and, instead of hiding your flaws, try to embrace or improve them in a natural and healthy way. Here’s a little guide on how to achieve that natural born-with-it beauty that’s easy, healthy, gorgeous and sustainable. 

Love your skin 

Heavy makeup will definitely clog your pores and ruin your skins’ naturally glowy and soft look. So, go easy on your foundation while boosting your skincare routine. Plus, with skincare, you can go 100% natural! For instance, coconut oil can help strengthen your skin, remove dead skin cells, offer sunburn protection and even prevent all sorts of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Many manufacturers of skin care products are also launching all sorts of great natural products from all-natural serums to organic moisturizers and clarifying face oils. 

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Soft coverage 

If you can’t let go of your foundation and concealer, use them sparingly. Opt for a very thin consistency of your foundation that will give you a silky base that will enhance your complexion instead of concealing it. You can also start spot-applying concealer to achieve a flawless yet soft look. 

Nurture your hair 

So, instead of burning your hair senseless, nurture it with natural beauty products that will allow it to recover from all the heat and chemicals. Plus, extensions are so last year, so you need to boost your natural hair look. Just keep in mind that your hair needs some time to recover and ‘detoxify’ from chemicals and switch to natural products. Additionally, you can help your hair with some supplements. There are amazing hair supplements on the market today that do wonders for hair growth support. These products are filled with all types of vitamins (B6, B12, C, E) that will make your hair strong, silky and smooth. Plus, these vitamins are great for your overall health, which is just an added bonus. 

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Go easy on the mascara 

If you’re not ready to go bare with your eye makeup, you can at least aim for low-key lashes. A great way to achieve this look is to grab a tissue and blot some of the extra product from the mascara. This will create a more natural look with zero clumps. You can also find a good primer for your lashes. It tints them and gives them a little boost but always achieves a softer look than the mascara. This will give you that born-with-it vibe and help you transition from heavy eye makeup to a bare look. 

Take care of your lips 

The skin on your lips is much thinner than the rest of your face, which makes it vulnerable to painful cracking. So, in order to improve the health of your lips and give them a plump look without lipstick and lip gloss, exfoliate your lips and apply a natural lip balm (or a homemade concoction). 

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Opt for nude lips 

If you feel more comfortable with some lipstick on, this is a no judgment zone. You can opt for a nude lip look, but remember that it’s really hard to achieve a natural nude lip because there’s a thin line between a perfectly rosy-pale look and too dark to be natural. You can either find a personalized formula and color or check your MAC and Bobbi Brown stores. They both have a great offer of natural colors that will give you a subtle, natural look. You can also try Tint-in-Oil from Yves Saint Laurent that activates in touch with your lips and gives you a barely detectable look that will make it seem like you have naturally soft and glossy lips. 

Give love to your nails 

If you have unhealthy nails the easiest thing to do is just cover them with nail polish. However, most formulas use harsh chemicals that can further affect your nails. So, instead of hiding your imperfections with damaging products, try buffing your nails and treating them with a natural nail-strengthening treatment. There are also companies that make less toxic polishes and removers, so make sure to do your research. 

These simple tips and tricks will help you achieve that natural glow and even inspire you to try a zero-makeup look. Plus, going easy on makeup is healthier and more eco-friendly!

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