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Sensitive Lash Adhesive Glue
by Stacy Lash

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The success of eyelash extensions depends on first-rate materials. This is the only way to reduce the risk of negative effects on the eyes. Stacy Lash has developed an adhesive glue for clients with sensitive eyes. Its advanced formula is non-irritating and low-allergenic. The following article will give you ideas on how to select the proper lash adhesive glue for sensitive eyes. 

Criteria for Choosing Adhesive Glue 

First of all, you should always choose non-toxic adhesive glue. You never know whether your clients are allergic to a certain ingredient. First-generation adhesives were made of resin polymer. The presence of allergens within the glue led to redness and rash on the eyelids. Modern extension glue contains cyanoacrylate instead of formaldehyde, so it is safe to use.

Second, the glue should be discreet and colorless. You should choose black glue for black eyelashes and transparent glue for colored ones.

The last criterium is resilience. It is impossible to avoid the impact of solar radiation and moisture on lashes. Using high-quality adhesive makes eyelash extensions last for at least 2 weeks, and much longer if you use materials from the same manufacturer.

Tips on Buying a High-Quality Glue

If you want to be sure that the glue won’t harm your clients, follow these recommendations:

Check the expiry date, information about the manufacturer and instructions;
Buy from reliable stores with a good reputation;
Check the integrity of the package;

Read the list of ingredients carefully: the chosen glue should exclude toxic substances that have a strong odor and strong fumes. When these chemicals come in contact with mucous membranes, the eyes can get burned.

Overview of Stacy Lash Adhesive Glues

The Stacy Lash company has successfully launched a product line specially produced for caring eyelash extension. The leading brand on the makeup market offers a wide selection of products for eyelash extension: mink eyelashes, various types of glues, shampoo for lashes, gel removers, and other treatments.

All products are manufactured using modern technologies. The eyelashes have extended wear time and durability. The glue itself is non-irritating and does not cause discomfort. Stacy Lash products are waterproof and oil-resistant and have a fast drying period.

Key benefits:

Affordable price;
Non-toxic components;
Ideal for sensitive eyes;
Prolonged wear time and durability;
Quick drying time.

The Bottom Line

When choosing sensitive lash adhesive glue at stacylash.com, we advise taking into account all the physical characteristics of your client, as well as the approximate wear time. Poor quality of ingredients can cause eyelid irritation and mucosal discomfort, so do not risk your client’s health. Using high-quality products will become the key to your confidence and build a good reputation among your loyal and new clients.

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