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By Marie Nieves

5 Reasons
Your Next Girls' Getaway Should Be in the Maldives

Maldives (Photo courtesy of Unsplash)

If you are an experienced traveler who is hooked on all things picturesque, the Maldives may be a destination that can serve as a ceaseless source of inspiration. Let’s be perfectly honest here, an enthusiastic ‘think tank’ of girls will have their standards set high, and this is one of those destinations that is destined to deliver, but the appeal of this archipelago goes way beyond the aesthetic appeal. Here are 5 reasons why your next girls’ getaway should be in the Maldives. 

It is the perfect girl getaway

When you plan a trip with your group of girlfriends, this usually entails a simulation of a getaway – running away from your life and the world, possibly due to work troubles or a broken heart, and settling on a faraway destination that introduces you and your friends to a whole new and different set of experiences. In that sense, the Maldives tick off all the boxes. While the capital of Male may seem like a typical Miami-like beachside urban area, the selling point of this archipelago are the secluded resorts that are sprinkled across multiple islands which belong to 26 coral atolls. Are you ready for a true doozy? The entire archipelago boasts nearly 1,200 islands, out of which 280 are inhabited, at least to an extent. If this doesn’t scream ‘adventure’ to you and your girlfriends, hardly anything will. 

Photo courtesy of Pexels

The packages are incredible

Topographically, the sheer number of islands and the square footage they cover (along with the sea in between) is too vast to be completely covered in a single visit. However, you can still have the most dazzling Maldives experience by choosing the right island and the right resort. All you’ve got to do is skim through these amazing Maldives travel packages to be positively dazzled by the rich selection of wonderful accommodations, glamorous activities and captivating backdrops. While you may be an avid adventurist with your group of girlfriends, you should probably opt for one of such premier Maldives packages if you are a newcomer – they include quality tours that will lend you a sort of ‘vertical slice’ of all stellar experiences on the sandy beaches of this azure island grouping. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

It has something for every type of gal

Your group may be a motley crew of disparate character descriptions, but the Maldives are bound to cover all sensibilities. 80 out of 1200 islands have exclusive resorts, so you can relish in the glamour of a tropical paradise while still retaining that sense of adventure. Going on daring boat rides to explore other islands is something you can enjoy, but let’s not kid ourselves – it is also about savoring cocktails (remember – alcohol is only allowed within the confines of the resorts), chatting away into the night by the bonfire and sharing communal wardrobes. 

Photo courtesy of Pexels

It is a photo-ready paradise

There are certain aspects of modern technology that really go in our favor. All of our phones have in-built HQ cameras that can capture every second of our adventures, and if you are going on a tropical Maldives holiday with your girlfriends, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some photo snapping. If any of your friends have artistic inclinations when it comes to photography, you’d better get ready for endless shoots that will immortalize your holiday. And in the Maldives, pretty much every step you take will be graced with a backdrop that is photo-ready

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

You can all get pampered

Now, depending on the size of your group – and let’s assume that there are at least four of you girls – it is probably a good idea to keep an eye out for bigger resorts that boast a number of accompanying facilities, including spa centers and beauty shops. If relaxation is the name of the game, you will be overwhelmed with incredible service when it comes to massage parlors, saunas and beautifying treatments that will be only a short walk away from your accommodation. Quality time with your besties will only be enhanced if you are able to keep a conversation going as you all get pampered by the incredible staff of the resorts.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

For some unfathomable reason, the Maldives are often considered an exclusive honeymoon playground, which often encourages groups of friends to look elsewhere for fellowship escapades. However, this popular belief is proven wrong as soon as you glance at the cavalcade of attractive features and activities you can partake in should you decide to have a good time on this archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean. You and your girlfriends are bound to assemble an impressive sequence of invaluable memories that will warm your heart for years to come and tempt you to return to this island paradise. 

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  1. Maldives has always been my dream destination . I wish to Travel to Maldives some day.


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