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By Luke Douglas

Top 5
Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

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With so many technologies and treatments to help improve the face and skin available nowadays, it can be difficult to know which treatments will best address your specific skin concerns. To help you navigate the endless options and focus your research efforts, here are the top 5 non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures that will help refresh your appearance:

1. Chemical peels

The smooth and even complexion we are all born with can take quite a beating as we age. Anything from sun exposure and acne to lifestyle factors, such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake, can cause the skin to look textured, uneven and dull. A chemical peel can help smooth out the texture of the skin, as it consists of a chemical solution that causes dead skin to slough off and eventually peel away, leaving you with regenerated skin that is smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. Although this procedure can be done at home, it is always best to seek out a dermatologist or a facialist in order to achieve the safest and the most effective results.

2. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy involves the injection of a specially prepared mixture of vitamins, amino acids and medications just millimeters under the surface of the skin, and it works by plumping and deeply moisturizing the tissue, in turn softening the surface lines caused by dehydrated skin. The actual formula that is injected into the mesoderm (or the surface layer of the skin) during this procedure will largely depend on the specific skin concern that is being treated. In general, the substances used can be anything from vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to local anesthetics, muscle relaxers and hormones. The results of mesotherapy are subtle, but very effective. This treatment isn’t designed for the removal of any scarring or sun spots, but rather to brighten and firm your skin, in order to look like the best version of its natural self.

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3. Non-surgical lifts

If you want the benefits of cosmetic surgery, but don’t want to go under the knife, it’s still possible to take a few years off your face, without experiencing pain and discomfort, and going through the process of recovery. Non-surgical lifts include a wide range of treatments and procedures that are focused on reducing the signs of aging, addressing the effects and reducing them by five to ten years. These types of treatments are becoming increasingly popular across the world, because they are effective and safe, they look natural, and they are very quick and easy to perform, with very little to no downtime. As long as you find a trusted and professional aesthetic clinic that offers everything from ultherapy to thermage, you can tighten your skin and take years off your face in no time.

4. Botox injections

Quite possibly the most popular non-surgical procedure, Botox is a cosmetic form of botulinum toxin that temporary reduces or even eliminates the fine lines and wrinkles in the face, including forehead creases, frown lines and crow’s feet. Botox injections temporary paralyze the muscles associated with such wrinkles, resulting in a smoother, refreshed and younger-looking face. Even though these injections are quick and easy, they should still be performed under the care of a certified plastic surgeon. If they are not administered by a professional, Botox injections can cause drooping eyelids, facial pain and muscle weakness, not to mention an unnatural look that everybody wants to avoid.

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5. Soft tissue fillers

Soft tissue or dermal fillers are another very popular non-surgical procedure. During the aging process, collagen in the skin decreases, causing wrinkles and a loss of volume and fullness in the face, most commonly around the eyes, mouth, cheeks, jaw line, eyebrows and nose. The injection of fillers into these problematic areas can temporarily plump the skin, allowing for fuller lips, soften the facial fold around the mouth and cheeks, and even improve the appearance of facial scars caused by acne or injury. Although one of the most popular soft tissue fillers, Juvederm, is widely available, bear in mind that it must be injected by a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure the safest and best possible results. 

If you want to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance, these incredible beauty treatments will allow you to look your best without the fear-inducing invasive surgery.

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