Wednesday, January 22, 2020


By Ana Kippel

Art In Fabric

Accent "Frida" Chair by Christine Tatilon, Cambria Gallery (Photo courtesy of Mindy Blackstein)

TORONTO, ON - Bringing originality and creativity to DesignTO is Christine Tatilon. Infusing a blend of textile and design. Restoring old furniture and reviving it back to life. 

Born in Marseille France, Christine has been a talented creative illustrator for 15 years. A textile and graphic designer, illustrator, book cover artwork designer and mom of four. 

From her colourful table runners to her decorative cushions Christine’s style is original and whimsical. Her specialty are her pocket pillows made out of 100% hemp and Italian upholstery linen. Each pillow has a pocket in the back, for a remote or a phone or maybe a little secret something if you’re gifting it! 

Accent "Frida" Chair by Christine Tatilon, Cambria Gallery (Photo courtesy of Mindy Blackstein)

Christine prefers her art on different mediums and treats each piece of fabric as a canvas. She also turns old sturdy chairs into, one of a kind pieces of art, which are stripped apart, and reupholstered. Later, the designs are redone and then are added to the fabrics. Poof! An old chair is brought back to life. Every each piece has a specific detail added to it....she has an eye for that! Every chair has a soul, a story, making each piece unique.

Artwork by Christine Tatilon (Photo courtesy of Mindy Blackstein)

Believing in sustainability, Christine uses pieces that have been recycled and that were previously loved. Partnering with Sick Kids is also a way Christine gives back. 

For every Northern Friends buffalo plaid pocket pillow that AniZet Designs sells in 2020, she will donate $2 to The Sick Kids Foundation. For an extremely cute group of pillows that only belong in a Canadian cabin up north on an old warm cozy sofa. Yes, that would feel good in this frigid and blah January. Everyone needs a boost now and I think a joyful pillow from this collection is a great gift! Especially with a pocket in it. 

Artwork by Christine Tatilon (Photo courtesy of Mindy Blackstein) Click to enlarge

Instagram: caartstudio & anizetdesigns

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