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GfK Study Finds Almost Two-Thirds of Americans
Are Concerned About Coronavirus

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  • Three-quarters of those who are aware of Covid-19 have taken preventative steps
  • New report series tracks consumer reactions to the virus

NEW YORK - Just-released research from GfK shows that nearly all (92%) Americans are aware of the novel Coronavirus (also known as Covid-19). Among those who are aware, 69% (equivalent to 64% of all Americans) are at least somewhat concerned about the illness’s potential impact on themselves or their families.

The new GfK study – conducted March 3rd and 4th – also reveals that three-quarters (76%) of Americans who are aware of Covid-19 (or 70% of all Americans) have taken preventative steps to ward off the Coronavirus, including

  • Washing hands more frequently (46%)
  • Using hand sanitizer regularly (29%)
  • Limiting visits to public places (18%)
  • Stocking up on non-perishable food (14%)

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The report is the first in a GfK series that will track reactions to the virus in the US and beyond. With new developments in the spread of Covid-19 emerging every day – dominating headlines and disrupting financial markets – the GfK reports will help companies, government agencies, and others react to changing sentiment and concerns around the disease.

In addition, GfK found that some key population groups are likely to be concerned about the Coronavirus, such as

  • Older adults (ages 55 and above)
  • Hispanics
  • Business and international travelers
  • City dwellers, and
  • People with chronic respiratory or heart conditions

Over one-third (39%) of Americans say they have received notifications about emergency procedures related to the virus from their employers or children’s schools or have had corporate travel banned in some way.

In addition to deeper demographic data on core attitudes and reactions to Covid-19, the first GfK report also shows whether Americans are

  • Canceling travel plans
  • Adjusting financial strategies
  • Reducing visits to physical retail establishments
  • Doing more online shopping

For the first installment of the Coronavirus tracking study, GfK interviewed a nationally representative sample of 1,099 US adults (ages 18 and above).

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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