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By Patrick Adams

How to Spruce Up Your Backyard
for This Summer

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Did you recently purchase a new house and have some work to do in the backyard? Did the winter take its toll on your beloved outdoor space? Perhaps you are just tired of how the whole area looks and are looking into ways of revamping it. Regardless of the reason, it can be very easy to spruce up your backyard just in time for summer. From replacing your fence to installing new fire pits, here are some suggestions.

Clean up the backyard

The first step is, of course, cleaning up the backyard. If the space is messy and cluttered, you will never be able to create a peaceful oasis for yourself and your family. Start by throwing away all the things that are broken and consider selling or donating those that you don’t use. That will help you make more room for the things that bring you joy. Those items that you will be using should be cleaned and put in their place. Having a clean slate in front of you is the best approach.

Repair or replace your fence

In case your backyard has a fence that seems a bit worn-out, now is the time to fix it up. Maybe there are a few missing rails, maybe something has come loose, maybe it is a bit rusty – take some time to repair these issues to boost the look of your outdoor space instantly. Furthermore, if you no longer like the way it looks or is broken beyond repair, consider getting a new fence to create a new backdrop for the yard.

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Fix up the pathway

It doesn’t matter if you want to fix up the existing pathway or make a new one. With so many different options available nowadays, it’s very easy to create a unique pathway in your backyard. From concrete and stone tiles to bricks and pebbles, you can choose something that matches your overall aesthetic.

Revitalize your lawn

The lawn also plays a big role in your backyard’s appearance. If the grass is yellow and there are a lot of bald spots, it will simply not look good. Well, the good thing is that spring is a great time to revitalize your lawn by making sure the soil is getting all the necessary nutrients. However, in case you don’t have the time to take care of the grass, or if someone in your family is allergic, you can always opt for artificial turf which will be green all year round.

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Take care of your garden

Maybe you have a green thumb and would like to have a nice garden in addition to a healthy, green lawn. In case you already have a designated garden area, get your reliable gardening equipment and start trimming overgrown shrubs and getting rid of all dead plants and weeds. If you don’t have a garden, do some research to see which varieties do well in your area, decide how much time you have to take care of them and choose those that will elevate the look of the whole backyard.

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Add plenty of shade

Spending time outside during summer requires plenty of shade. Luckily, there are so many ways how you can implement it into your backyard. For instance, you can build a patio or a pergola where you will be able to hang out without being exposed to the harmful sun rays. Then, you can also install a shade sail or a retractable awning over a part of your outdoor space. Finally, you can make the most of the trees in your yard and use the shade they provide you with.

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Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Bring out comfy seating

Once you have an area that is safe from the sun, you can start adding furniture pieces. Whether that will be a dining set, a hammock, a daybed, a sofa or a few armchairs, it is up to you. Think of all the ways how you plan on using the space during summer and equip it accordingly. Make sure there are some warm blankets for those chilly evenings and find the right lighting fixtures. You need to make sure the backyard is safe during the night but you also don’t want the lights to be too bright. For your hangout area, you can choose fairy lights or some lanterns while for the path and other more accident-prone areas, you should get some motion-activated lights.

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Incorporate a water or fire feature

Something else that can breathe new life into your backyard is an interesting water feature. If you have enough space, you can consider adding a pool. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a smaller addition, think about a nice fountain or waterfall. In case you prefer fire features, purchase or build a fire pit that will serve as both a centerpiece and a way to get warm when the evening gets a bit colder.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Regardless of the budget and space you have at your disposal, these eight tricks will easily help spruce up your backyard so that you can have the best summer.

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