Saturday, May 2, 2020


By Alexa Marino

Marketing Tips
For the Coronavirus Pandemic

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A lot of marketing plans are going through major changes in the wake of the Coronavirus. For a lot of reasons related to COVID-19, the strategies and actions that might have once made sense don’t apply anymore. Marketing initiatives don’t need to stop entirely; it’s just time for a little reworking of strategy and content. For some, leveraging the help of retail app development companies will be key in order to create a product that lets customers shop online while brick-and-mortar stores are closed. For others, it’ll mean emphasizing organic social media to tell a story that builds customer loyalty. To make sure you’re successfully and responsibly navigating these tricky waters, here are some marketing tips for the Coronavirus pandemic.

Marketing Strategies to Navigate the Coronavirus

Like everyone, you are probably finding your way through the new normal right now. With a lot up in the air, uncertainty can start to reign supreme. There are a few things you can do to adjust your practices rather than abandon them to make sure you stay on track to meet goals. Likewise, making these little changes ensure that you are taking time to be mindful of everything that’s on the minds of those around the world right now. Let’s talk about proper Coronavirus marketing strategies to consider adopting.

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Move Everything to a Digital-First Mindset

This tip might seem rudimentary for those who already function almost entirely online. Still, it’s important to emphasize the important role social media and digital communications have to play during this crisis. Organic website traffic for most industries is down, but social media usages are growing. Right now, consumers want to see brands involved, engaged, and present during this unfamiliar time. There’s no reason not to take this opportunity to remind customers and potential future clients that you are a meaningful resource. 

Don’t Sell Products or Services, Tell a Story

Right now, brands are working hard to ensure they don’t look like they’re pushing products. The real key right now is to tell a story about their company and what they have to offer. Adjusting marketing language to focus around your organization’s efforts to put customers and clients first is a great start. From there, reminding people of what you offer should be more about rising to meet needs rather than selling products or services. With any digital offerings, make sure you reach out to clients and followers to show that you’re doing what you can to help in any way, shape or form. Even if that’s just little check-ins with current customers, that’s a big help.

Take This Time to Focus on SEO and PPC

The best thing you could do right now is audit your online activity. One huge influence to your reach online is search engine optimization. If you aren’t super familiar with what that means, then now is a great time to catch up on SEO practicesPay per click campaigns are going to be a great way to maximize reach right now as well. While people are doing less organic searching, more people are online right now than usual. That makes this a great time to invest in highlighting your brand among the thousands of competitors online. 

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Adjust Services to your Core Customers

At the end of the day, businesses are going to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic if they support their core customers. Keep in mind what they want from you right now. Are clients and consumers looking to use your services right now while working from home? Could you be doing something to get your products to them in a safer and more productive way? The real question around all of this is what does your company have to offer during this time when things are getting cut back. If you can’t go out and pursue new business as much as you’d like, dig in deep for your core customers and they’ll appreciate the attention and support.

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