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By Alycia Gordan

Avoiding illness while traveling
How to pack for a healthy trip?

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Travel, essentially, helps to broaden your horizons. It refreshes a zest for life, enabling you to face challenges head-on. However, no matter where you travel and how frequently you do so, your hygiene and health must be your priority. If you’ve never come down with a sudden bout of food poisoning or flu on an overseas trip, you probably think it’s not vital.

And that’s the thing about good health – one doesn’t know they have it until they don’t have it!

To stay on the safe side, we recommend you act smartly. Include a few necessary medications in the list of your travel essentials. If you are suffering a chronic illness, I don’t think we need to emphasize on packing your medical supplies. 

According to Dr. Robert Quigley, the senior vice president and regional medical director at International SOS, “Millions of Americans are dependent on medicines, and with the globalization of travel, access to prescription medicine is even more crucial.” It suggests that you must carry a doctor’s prescription if traveling with extra medicines.

Moving on to our subject, an ordinary traveler (with no allergic and chronic history) needs a checklist to ensure they stay healthy on a trip. Below are a few pointers on what you must pack in this regard:

Potable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during the trip helps to keep you going. A great tip is to divide your weight into half (in pounds) and drink that amount of water (in ounces) each day of the trip. For instance, if you are 130 pounds, you must drink 65 ounces of water each day.

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One way to ensure you retain your hydration levels is by carrying a water bottle. Relying on the tap water in some countries can prove harmful for your health. You can fill up these bottles at the airport and other stations where you stop. 

With features ranging from built-in filtration and the reusable qualities, there are plenty of water bottles you can find in the market. Yeti Rambler, Bindle Slim, Lifestraw Go, and Purist Collective Maker are the names leading the market right now. You can pick an option according to availability, affordability, and relevance.

For all the ladies out there, your makeup game also goes strong when you maintain proper hydration levels.

Travel Pillow

You may be trying to crunch in as much fun as you can. Sometimes, by compromising over your sleep. But this act might bring a derogatory impact on your mental and physical health. Our white blood cells multiply when we sleep. If we don’t, the body’s defense mechanism gradually weakens.

It is wise if you stick by your usual sleep schedule during the trip. In case you are on commute during the night hours, travel pillows can be your best companion. There are endless products available to provide the plushy reinforcements you need to sleep better during the travel. From discreet neck pillows to inflatable support devices, these products are available in a wide variety.

Getaway Travel Pillow - Flower Shop

Now you can fold your body in a semblance of comfort anywhere. Travel pillows like Trtl Pillow and Huzi Design Infinity Pillow will carry you in fairyland within minutes. Once you snap out of it, you can’t help but marvel at how a good sleep makes the trip far more enjoyable.

Workout Essentials

Keeping with your fitness routine during the travel ensures you don’t get out of practice. Besides, exercise during the trip makes sure you manage the jetlag well and do not gain extra weight due to decadent meals. Also, your energy levels stay intact, and you can sleep better.

If you plan to take up a sweat during the trip, then you must have the necessary gear in your luggage. No, we do not expect you to pack dumbbells. But if you take the usual clothing you wear at the gym, it aspires you to workout at the same vigor during the trip as well. 

A few essential items include:

  • Yoga pants – you can wear it for a casual walk or aggressive workout
  • Light shoes – you can wear them for exploring and exercising
  • Fitbit – to track distance, steps, burnt calories, and active minutes
  • Briefs – boxer briefs with pouch maximizes comfort during an aggressive exercise routine 
  • Versatile tops – stylish tops to jazz up your overall appearance

With a little research, you will find a gym to call home while you are traveling. Don’t take it as an excuse to snap out of your workout routine. David Lytle, the Editorial Director of, stated that if your hotel doesn't have a gym, they might have some relationship with a nearby gym. Sign up for it!

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Even if you are traveling to Amazon or into the rural villages, you can jog or hike on local routes. The bottom line being, there is no excuse to skip the workout!

Hand Sanitizers

During travel, you may not always have the luxury to wash your hands with clean tap water. A pocket-sized hand sanitizer is helpful. Particularly after the strike of COVID-19, everyone must be aware of its vitality. It will aid you in fighting all kinds of harmful germs coming your way.

Use it before eating, after loo, and when you have been to the germy areas (like a safari or a mountain hike). We have mini hand sanitizers available everywhere these days by companies like Purell. They clip onto your bag, so they are always at easy access. There is also an option to carry antibacterial sanitizing wipes. They come in handy when you have to clean the hard surfaces like table trays, etc. 

Whatever product you choose, make sure the scent is not too overpowering as it may cause an allergic reaction to you or people sitting around.

Final Thoughts

Apart from all things discussed above, it would be best if you take along the supplies such as antibiotics for respiratory and digestive ailments, antihistamine, sunscreen, insect repellants, and nighttime sleep aids.

The choice of drugs depends upon your age and medical history. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides excellent tips for what to pack in your travel health kit. Make sure you refer to all such documents before you pack-up.

We wish you all the best for your next trip. May you return fresh, healthy, and vibrant. Addio!


Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing.

You can find her on Twitter: @meetalycia



  1. I travel a lot, but I never considered about buying a travel pillow. Now, I realize, that it is a very necessary thing for travelers.


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