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Colombiamoda 2020 Arrives

Photo courtesy of Inexmoda

MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA - Inexmoda presents the 31st edition of Colombiamoda, the Digital Fashion Week; a pioneer tradeshow digitalizing its experience from fashion, knowledge and business that will take place from the 27th of July to the 2nd of August, 2020 at

The business branch at the event will have a Virtual Business Meeting expecting around 400 offering brands and 2.000 buyers from America. Furthermore, Colombiamoda is betting on electronic commerce through its Marketplace online store Colombiamoda in Alliance with Mercado Libre, where the general public will be able to buy products from around 70 participating brands.

The event will have 18 Fashion Shows from brands and designers leaders in the industry presenting their collections; this space will be accompanied by the new Entertainment branch with leisure spaces for the public at home and cultural documentaries about fashion, both with free access at

The Knowledge branch, Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion, will have 30 free conferences about trends, business models, digital transformation and sustainability. On the other hand, Inexmoda is betting on the transformation of the industry through online Master Class, Workshops and Consultancies in order to help entrepreneurs implementing knowledge to their businesses.

Colombiamoda 2019, Diseño + Talento UPB (Photo courtesy of Inexmoda)

Inexmoda prepares itself to present the 31st edition of Colombiamoda, The Digital Fashion Week taking place from Monday the 27th of July to Sunday the 2nd of August at, a proposal born keeping its essence with the fashion, knowledge and business branches, adapted to a new reality. Colombiamoda will be a pioneer digitalizing all its experience with the purpose of energizing the fashion industry when it is most needed through virtuality, being this an opportunity for the brands and the designers to get connected with the consumers from any part of the world, in moments in which the social isolation promotes  a bigger consumption of digital contents.

“Institutions like Inexmoda have a great responsibility with the community, and it is on each one of us to contribute to the activation of the fashion industry. This is why we take the decision of making Colombiamoda under a format 100% digital, in order to boost businesses, make fashion visible and share knowledge without borders. Today, we feel excited to present an event that will have the participation of brands and designers that are leaders of the fashion industry, in which the learning from the digital world will be the greatest profit for the brands and for Inexmoda, and likewise, we will be sending a message of hope and positivism”, stated Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, CEO from Inexmoda.
In order to keep the same essence of Colombiamoda on its first digital version, Inexmoda developed different scenarios placed at, allowing the Fashion System actors to make specialized businesses, buy online fashion collections, enjoy fashion and entertainment, and receive knowledge from national and international experts.
“The Textile-Clothing industry is one of the historical symbols of our city, and events like Colombiamoda are a proof of it. We feel proud of the transformation of the tradeshow, its innovation and that it will be done despite the enormous challenges coming with the virtuality. We believe this will be an opportunity to reactivate the industry, representing more than 2,5% of the GDP of our region and generates more than 80 thousand jobs”, said Alejandro Arias, Medellín Economic Development Secretary. 

Colombiamoda 2019, Brunch Kenzo (Photo coutesy of Inexmoda) Click to enlarge

Virtual meetings activating Business
Around 400 companies offering categories such as clothing, accessories, footwear, leatherwork, textiles, supplies, machinery and biosecurity, will be part of this business virtual platform of Colombiamoda 2020, in which around 2.000 national and international buyers will be accessing from countries like the United States, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, the North Triangle, Costa Rica and Chile.
For this edition of Colombiamoda, the space dedicated to specialized business will be characterized by the diversity of participating brands, integrating the textile-clothing chain, from machinery and textiles, to commercial brands of finished product in several categories, from which stand out 30 companies sponsored by the Gobernación de Antioquia, that in alliance with Inexmoda, will join and transform them to take their offer to the international markets.
In this space called “Business Meeting”, at buyers will be able to see the products portfolio from the suppliers through photographs, videos and videoconferences to initiate distribution and export business relationships. The virtual appointments will take place from Monday the 27th to Friday the 31st of July 2020.
Also, with the purpose of promoting exports from Colombia, ProColombia will make a relationship meeting between international buyers and Colombian suppliers. “The transformation of Colombiamoda towards digital and on its virtual format allows us to reach more international buyers. Even during these circumstances in which the industry is reinventing itself, foreign demand remains interested in the Country’s fashion. In this opportunity, ProColombia called in 150 foreign companies from 30 Countries, from which 70% attends for the first time to Colombia, as it is the case of Norway. These companies are specially interested in underwear, sportswear, jewelry and swimsuits. This confirms that the Country is still a trusted quality supplier in terms of fashion worldwide”, said Flavia Santoro, ProColombia’s president.
The Business Meeting will open relationship opportunities for the brands and the buyers, who will also receive information about the fashion trends that are essential to take decisions regarding their business. Therefore, participants will be able to enjoy the Trends Forum, in which Inexmoda will make specialized conferences about fashion trends. 

Carlo Carrizosa (Photo coutesy of Inexmoda)

Colombiamoda, a tradeshow that connects with E-commerce   
To boost sales in the fashion line, Colombiamoda will take a step forward to the Marketplace online store created in alliance with Mercado Libre, the number one electronic commerce platform in Latin America. In the Marketplace online store from Colombiamoda taking place from Monday, the 27th of July to Sunday, the 2nd of August, the general public will be able to buy through collections from around 70 brands participating from categories as clothing, footwear and accessories. There, the biosecurity offer will stand out with protection garments for daily use and the participation of entrepreneurs and artisans.
“The consumption habits of the persons have transformed in such way that 7 out of 10 people affirms that will continue preferring the electronic commerce, even after the health emergency is over, generating a growth for the e-commerce of 9.9% in Colombia. With this in mind, we consider that it was the perfect moment for an event of the size of Colombiamoda, to have 70 of its participating brands available to the users through an e-commerce platform as a result of our alliance”, stated Juan Camilo Pachón, Marketplace Head of Mercado Libre Colombia.
The Fashion Shows and Entertainment: the evolution of runways and lifestyle to the digital world
Fashion is one of the most expected branches for the public of Colombiamoda. Nevertheless, the runways and their characteristic magic on the physical version of the event, evolve in order to adapt to the digital channels in a format that Inexmoda denominates as Fashion ShowsIn this new format, that will be open to the public with previous registration, the designers and the brands will show their collections through videos that will be broadcasted at, with AVON as the official make up artist, and Teleantioquia and Telemedellín as official channels, which will also broadcast this live content.
The event will have 18 Fashion Shows and the participation of brands leaders in the industry like Leonisa, Punto Blanco, Chamela, GEF and Vélez, having also the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana the Colegiatura Colombiana with their bet for the Young talent. In addition, it is highlighted the participation of designers as Andrés Pajón and collaborations between designers next to brands and entities betting on the fashion industry, such as Banco de Bogotá with Pink Filosofy, Samsung with Juan Pablo Socarrás, Arkitect with Beatriz Camacho and the Alcaldía de Medellín with the entrepreneurs. (Complete schedule at )
The one in charge of opening the Fashion Shows will be Avon Foundation for Women Colombia with Diego Guarnizo on Thursday the 30th of July at 5:00 p.m. with the collection LIBERTAD, who through a fashion film will make a call to the respect towards women. This proposal comes from the campaign #AisladasNoSolas (#IsolatedNotAlone), that aims to eliminate the physical, psychological, sexual and economic violence against women.
“In Avon we feel very proud of being part of Colombiamoda 2020 taken to virtuality. It is our third consecutive year as the Official Make Up Artist in which we will fill with color, creativity and innovation the Fashion Shows, contributing to this event to keep its characteristic strength and emotion. And therefore, as we know that fashion is a strong media, we reaffirm the support to women from our Avon Foundation for Women Colombia, making fashionable the respect towards women, helping them rise their voice with Libertad”, said Ricardo Hinojosa, Avon’s General Manager for the Andean cluster.
Colombiamoda will be a celebration of fashion as a lifestyle, so for this 31st edition, it will have an Entertainment branch open to the general public who will be able to connect with leisure experiences offered by brands as AVON and its make up competitions; Chevignon with Tie Dye workshops; Leonisa with work out at home as a lifestyle, and other brands, that will generate fun experiences to enjoy.
The entertainment program will also be complemented with short documentaries, in which fashion will be addressed from the cultural point of view through contents like “Medellín Medio Siglo de Moda” (Medellín Half Century of Fashion), “Tradiciones Mágicas de Antioquia por: La Gobernación de Antioquia y Alado” (Antioquia’s Magical Traditions by: Gobernación de Antioquia and Alado), “Vestuario de Época con Diego Guarnizo” (Historic Dressing with Diego Guarnizo), among others.  The programming of the Fashion Shows and Entertainment will be developed from Thursday, the 30th of July to Saturday, the 1st of August, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Complete schedule at )
Knowledge trespassing borders in the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion
For Inexmoda, knowledge is a fundamental factor boosting the development of the brands from the industry, and in Colombiamoda, The Digital Fashion Week, it will be an essential element providing the tools to update the industry, understanding the current reality in constant change.
For that reason, the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion, will be virtual and free with previous registration through , hand by hand with the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, and for this occasion will have 30 conferences in charge of national and international experts who will be sharing knowledge about trends, business models, digital transformation and sustainability.
“The virtuality keeps us together, and the Knowledge Pavilion keeps being a space in which the future of fashion is written and the knowledge flows and is shared on an inclusive scenario with great projection. With knowledge we provide stability, rigor and good judgement to the Fashion System”, stated the Presbyter Julio Jairo Ceballos, Principal of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.
Countries like Taiwan, United States, Spain and Mexico, will be present with different guests, from which stand out conferences such as: the “Cultural Sentiments Fall-Winter 21/22”, in charge of Fashion Snoops; Sebastian Grey, winner of Project Runway with the talk “De la creación a la generación de valor, más allá del Project Runway” (“From creation to generating value, beyond Project Runway”); and from Vogue Latin America, Karla Martinez with her talk “Conectado con el consumidor a través de la moda” (“Connected with the consumer through fashion”). (Complete Schedule at )
Master Class, workshops and consultancies: the bet for the transformation of the fashion industry
Inexmoda on its mission to transform the fashion industry through consultancies and personalized assistance, will offer five Master Class, 14 Workshops and 21 Online Consultancies with the purpose of implementing knowledge in the business of those participating. The Master Class will be developed with experts from the fashion business in the world like ModaEs, RADDAR, ESADA Business School, DDB Latina and Inexmoda.
Also, the Workshops, will be about innovation, design and fashion communication; and the Consultancies will be one-one conversations between different experts and entrepreneurs about retail, consumer, strategy, design and innovation, productivity and digital marketing. The places for the Master Class, Workshops and Consultancies will be available for sale at
Colombiamoda, The Digital Fashion Week, comes this 2020 with a proposal adapted to the new realities, maintaining its same essence from business, fashion and knowledge, but with a new awareness, being an invitation to be promoters of change and to offer solutions to keep betting on the growth and development of the Fashion System. Colombiamoda 2020 is democratized, an experience that will take place at from the 27th of July to the 2nd of August.

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