Friday, August 28, 2020


By Eva Fydrych

Top Benefits of Buying Refurbished Laptops

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Let's talk about technology. And laptops.

As so many of us currently work from home and we also tend to spend more and more time online - watching movies and virtual events, doing shopping, connecting with people, learning, and so much more - having a reliable laptop has never been more important. However, it's not a secret that those beautiful new models also come with a high price tag, something that many of us are trying to avoid right now.

Whether you are planning to buy a personal, business or gaming unit, you should consider looking at refurbished laptops as they come with many benefits. If you are going to use your laptop for work, email, online shopping, blogging, and other basic tech uses, it's definitely an excellent alternative to buying an expensive new product.

Below you can find top 4 reasons why a refurbished laptop may be a great choice for you:

1. Affordable Price

Buying the latest model typically comes at a steep price. On the other hand, you can find refurbished laptops at 50% off or even more. In most cases, the savings are absolutely worth it, just make sure that you buy your product from a trusted seller.

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2. Hand-built & Upgraded

Purchasing a refurbished computer gives you access to specifications that may have been outside of your budget before. Most customers prefer a refurbished high-performance model over a brand new computer with lower specs.

3. Top-end Custom Parts & Setups 

If you buy a refurbished laptop, you will receive a machine that has been rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance.

4. Reuse & Recycle Concept

Using refurbished laptops is always the greener option. By reusing old equipment instead of buying a new one, you are helping the environment by doing your part of recycling.

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What's the Difference Between Used and Refurbished Laptop?

"Regardless of its route to the laptop spa, manufacturers or third-party authorized refurbishers typically sanitize, sort and grade the units based on physical look and functionality. They disassemble each one, checking for damaged components, battery function, screen quality, power supply, loose connections, hard drive and optical drive. If a seller does not follow a process like this, the product isn't really refurbished; it's used. 
Missing or defective components — RAM, graphic cards, capacitors, ICs, hard disks — are replaced and the machine undergoes a complete data wipe. The laptop is then tested, cosmetic defects repaired, and a new OS is installed before being packaged for its new home." - Source: LaptopMag

Are refurbished laptops good for your needs? Unless you are really passionate about owning a brand new model, there is no reason to shop new.


If you are planning to buy a refurbished laptop, pay attention to the model year. It is important because performance, battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity are usually much better in newer models.

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