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By Allena Rissa

in Less Than 15 Minutes

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It can be overwhelming deciding what to wear, especially if there are endless fashion options, and you have a busy schedule. However, styling doesn't have to be expensive or consume a lot of time. These tips for looking effortlessly chic in less than 15 minutes can help you achieve a cohesive and functional wardrobe.

4 Tips for Looking Effortlessly Chic in Less Than 15 Minutes

With some mixing and matching, you can create a balanced fit using timeless pieces and accessories. You can look neat and crisp as long as you give your clothes some tender loving care. Check out these tips so you can look effortlessly chic even if you only have 15 minutes to spare.

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Take Care of Your Clothes

Sometimes all you need is to give your clothes some tender loving care to make them look fresh and chic. Have a seamstress hem or resize your garments that don't have a tailored fit. Change buttons or replace patches to give your clothes a new look. 

After wearing your garments, make sure to wash them inside out to prevent fading. This is essential, especially if they have delicate fabrics. According to Wrinkle Free Steamer, you can use a steam cleaner to blast out wrinkles quickly and make your clothes look as if they came out straight from the store.

Create a Balance Fit

No matter how elegant or expensive your clothes are, you won't achieve a chic look if they don't fit you in a flattering way.

Hence, finding the balance between styles of clothing is the key to achieving a chic look. For instance, a pair of skinny jeans plus a flowy top forms a symmetrical contrast. If you prefer wide-legged trousers, opt for a form-fitting top to create a distinguished waistline. 

However, you must ensure that the clothes fit comfortably and that you can make a range of motions. Sometimes, it's all about being confident in what you wear, letting you flaunt it with grace.

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Invest in Timeless Pieces 

Sticking to the classics is one of the quickest ways for busy women to style clothes. While you can splurge on trendy items from time to time, having a rack of classic clothes can save you time preparing outfits in any season. 

  • Little Black Dress: An little black dress is another versatile and long-lasting clothing that's easy to find. It often forms a sleek and slimming silhouette, providing you with a preppy look, whether for work or a date.
  • White Button Down: A white button-down is one of the most versatile tops you can ever own. It lets you create either a casual or professional look in an instant. 
  • Trousers: Trousers come in several kinds such as wide-leg, straight leg, or boot cut, giving you options on pairing them with tops. 
  • Structured Bag: A structured bag turns even the simplest of outfits fashionable. You won't even have to spend minutes putting it on.

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Layer With Accessories 

After dressing up, it's time to put some finishing touches. Invest in some of the simplest yet most versatile pieces of jewelry, such as hoop earring, pendant necklace, bangles, and a wristwatch. 

You can still pull off a chic outfit even if you have a closet full of pants and shirts. Mastering the art of layering using accessories can turn any plain clothing unique for several times. 

For example, a plain black shirt you've worn hundreds of times can get a new life if you pair it with a statement scarf, pumps, and a handbag. Accessories add texture to the otherwise one-dimensional look of clothes.

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Looking chic doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Remember these tips the next time you have limited time preparing your wardrobe so that you can go from shabby to fabulous in no time.

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