Friday, December 4, 2020


 By Eva Fydrych

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Hello December! Fashion Studio Magazine prepared a list of the most interesting events - catwalk shows, trend seminars, fashion conferences, travel trade shows, and art exhibitions - happening around the world in December 2020. This month, there are more than 25 international events to choose from.

*Please note that many events were postponed or will be held online this month. Please check individual websites for the most up-to-date information.

For the latest news and updates - this month still from Krakow, Poland - follow us on Instagram. Also, don't forget to check out our latest articles: Ways to Prepare Your Business for the Holiday Rush, Winter Style - Best Sweaters of the Season, and How Weather Affects Our Skin. Have a great month!

Ongoing Events

28.11-6.12 Design Miami 2020

30.11-11.01.21 Medellin Lights 2020

1-10 December 2020

3.12 The Fashion Awards 2020 London, Digital

3-6 Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week

3-6 Art Basel Miami Beach, Virtually

4-6 Swahili Fashion Week' 20

4-6 The Americas Fashion Fest 2020, Haiti 

4-8 Cortina Fashion Weekend

4-23 Accidentally Wes Anderson, Exhibition, London

5-12 Arise Fashion Week 2020, Lagos

5-13 Chiang Mai Design Week 2020


7-20 Expoartesanias 2020 Digital, Bogota

8-11 World Romance Travel ConferenceLOVE MEXICO 

8.12 Creating a Better Future by Design, Singapore

9-10 Brainstorm Design 2020, Singapore

9-10 Conde Nast Luxury Conference 2020, Vienna - cancelled

9-12 Mozambique Fashion Week 2020

10.12 WT Wearable Technologies Conference 2020 ASIA , Singapore

10 -13 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong /cancellation/

10-13 Accra Fashion Week Virtual Insanity

11-20 December 2020

11-12 Fashion Weekend Gambia

12-13 Dakar Fashion Week

12-13 Xmas Vibes 2020 Madrid

12-20 Zambian Art & Design Show

14-21 Feria Buro Bogota

17-18 Dubai World Fashion Week

17.12-30.01 Dubai Shopping Festival

18-23 Colombo Shopping Festival 


Please get in touch for more information about advertising your event.

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