Wednesday, November 25, 2020


 By Eva Fydrych

Best Sweaters of the Season

Photos courtesy of Holapick and Unsplash 

Our latest fashion partnership is here! Have a look at some gorgeous fall pieces from Holapick.

For Fall/Winter 2020 we recommend a stylish palette of pastels; light blue, pink, and lilac. Pay attention to unique design elements such as oversized sleeves and decorative buttons as they make the whole look more modern and interesting (see an example below).

Photo courtesy of Holapick

If you are looking for fashionable sweaters for sale, consider investing in a couple of basics as well. Black, white or grey are always a great idea as those colours are timeless and easy to mix with other items in your wardrobe.

Photo courtesy of Holapick

Classic beige in asymmetric style is another option worth considering. Wear it with your favourite pair of jeans for a relaxed, everyday look.

"After all, do you realize how many cute outfits you can create with a single sweater? Let’s just say, the limit does not exist. From elevated, to playful, to sporty, this year we’re planning to get creative with one of trustiest pieces in our closet," says InStyle and we couldn't agree more!

Photo courtesy of Holapick

For all those working from home, there is nothing more important than feeling comfortable while remaining stylish.

Have a look at those cute women's casual dresses below and choose one that suits you best.

Photo courtesy of Holapick

Winter style is not only about looking good, but also about feeling warm when the temperature goes down. Choosing a comfy dress with long sleeves and thicker fabric will be a perfect solution for spending time both inside and outside. Happy shopping!

Photo courtesy of Holapick


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