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 By Emma Willson

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How often do you dream of dressing up like a Royal Princess? We are sure you have dreamt of that at least once in your lifetime! How about following the Duchess of Cambridge style? Duchess Kate Middleton has never failed to impress us with her sense of style. She is a fashion icon in her own right. From designer clothes to formal and casual wear, Kate seems to nail her every outfit. Being a Duchess, Kate has to look like one. But when she's not wearing any designer outfit or formal wear, you can find her in contented and accessible looks. 

Of course, you don't have access to royal clothes! And, most of you might not have the power and budget to fill your closet with expensive designer clothes. Thanks to the internet and duchess kate blog, you can now find reasonably-priced alternatives to her royal wardrobe. 

Let us show you how easy it is to achieve the Duchess' classic British style. Her fashion is about wearing unconventional or remotely edgy pieces and carrying clothes in an elegant yet simple manner. Her style statement reflects more in her actions and the confidence she holds every day. 

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Go for Well-tailored Dresses 

Whether you want to flaunt a skirt or a dress for every formal and casual look, choose to define your waist with belts or extremely well-tailored pieces. Keep your outfits tasteful with bright colors and patterns. Don't shy away from celebrating the power of bright colors and understand what fits your body shape well. Some of the best Kate Middleton outfit looks include floral, polka-dotted long-fit dress. 

Often, you can spot her flaunting three-quarter dress for daywear. Her necklines are usually off-shoulder and one-shoulder dresses. She usually pairs mini dresses, coat dresses, and plaid skirt with a cardigan. These clothes highlight the proper tailoring done in each outfit.

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Opt for Dark Blazers 

Well-tailored dark blazers define the body shape and polish your every look. Most of Kate's casual looks do involve a dark-colored blazer. And it seems that Kate believes in a well-fitting coat or blazer for her informal visits. They flare out in just the right way and hug the waist correctly, making her look more elegant. So if you want to flaunt her style, be ready to match your blazers even with a casual dress. 

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Knee-length Classics 

The Duchess' way to look classy is never choosing dresses above the knee. The knee-length style is a perfect way to go if you are looking at dressing like the Duchess. Be it a skirt or dress, Duchess Kate is always wearing classic and decent outfits. Team up the knee-length outfit with a four buttoned waistcoat or a solid color shirt to make them look even more fashionable. If you want the corporate look, opt for the corporate attire blazer to look formal yet stylish. 

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Style it with Tops and Pants 

Slay it like Kate! Mix and match your tops with pants just the way Kate does. You would love how Kate's topmost assortments are effortlessly accessible. It is because she follows a conventional approach to high-quality rudimentary pieces that can be mixed and matched. Breton and gingham tops are a top choice for Kate. Turtle-neck tees, tie-neck, or a pussy-bow blouse are her frequent picks to make her clothing a lady-like tad. Thinking of recreating her look? How about pairing a striped top with trousers and pumps?

While every piece worn by Kate is of classic high quality, nothing is ever flamboyant. This British Duchess has a working formula, and she tends to stick to it when it comes to her pants. One can mix and match black and blue straight leggings, skinny jeans, or bright well-tailored pants with different tops. For a more similar look, try pairing your pants with a sweater and a handbag. 

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Jewelry and Accessories 

In addition to her unique and priceless royal jewelry, Kate Middleton's collection of other accessories are classically stylish. Clutches for the evening and printed silk scarves matched with every outfit ensure your regal look. Kate indeed loves clutch bags a lot, giving us all a vital fashion tip to nail our jewelry and accessories matching attire. And, for the earrings, go for studs, hoop, or drop ones for a casual look.

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Never demure from repeating your outfits! The Duchess of Cambridge is never shy about repeating her clothes, and she has become quite an expert in this regard. Wear your outfits with confidence. Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear and flaunt. It's the confidence you wear your outfits that would make you genuinely fashionable like Duchess Kate. So, when something fits well and is a fair purchase, never be shy about repeating it or reinventing it in your way. Kate's nifty and easy-to-wear clothes give us all some timeless style of inspiration. Dress it like a queen-to-be!

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