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Or Mineral Hair Care Used For

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There is a big push to start using the healthy salts with extreme mineral content makeups for hair and skin products. The latest research shows that these minerals when in natural chains as found in specific salts have a profound on the skin and the hair. For years people have visit the Dead Sea for the healing powers of the sea. This is because the salt content in the sea is extremely high but research shows that the chain or the way these minerals present themselves have an amazing effect on the lipid barrier of the skin on the body but also on the scalp. Remember that it is hard for microbes to live in high salt content.

Does Dead Sea Salt Help With Scalp Eczema or Psoriasis?

For the 20 years that I have worked with Minerals in hair care the dead sea salts have amazed me at how effective they were with skin rash problems such as eczema and also psoriasis whether it be on the body or on the scalp. Research confirms they are effective but the real question is why and can you mimic the amazing results without going to the Dead Sea. Can this be done with a salt bath or even skin and hair care products by adding the minerals to the water while making the products? 

We believe the answer is yes but the manufacturer has to have the efficacy of the product in mind and not worry as much about the cost. When you use the salts and break them down in the water this can be expensive. However, we have found that when the product is effective consumers will gladly pay for the premium product. Most Dead Sea shampoos that use at least a 10% Dead Sea mineral solution - which is actual Dead Sea importer salt will run around $20 to $30 for a bottle. However, there are a lot of manufactures that will cut cost by using simple sodium and only using the therapeutic salts at a 1% or lower level.

How Do The Premium Mineral Salts Work For Healthy Skin and Scalp?

The answer to this question is much more complex to understand that then short answer given here but know that most scalp issues come from the lipid barrier breaking down and the balance of fungus and bacteria that normally live on the skin are now allowed to break through and get under the skin or inside the hair follicle. The minerals when used at a high level and allowed to stay on the scalp or skin for a period of time will eradicate the bacteria or fungus. However, the other important thing that happens is that the minerals help the skin to achieve its complete lipid barrier restoration to prevent the openings that these microbes went through to start with. Over time regular shampoos and hair products break down the outer skin layer. They strip it and pull the moisture level to a much lower level allowing the skin's top defines to break down. These minerals act as a temporary barrier but also help the skin by giving it minerals to reproduce quickly and the minerals necessary to create the vital lipid barrier.

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These amazing salts also reduce inflammation inside the hair follicle and skin pore. The reduction allows the hair to grow as it should inhibited by the inflammation that can pinch the blood supply which brings nutrition for hair growth. This is why many people experience hair thinning or loss when dealing with scalp conditions. It is the inflammation. Also important to note that DHT, which is the hormone that causes hair loss in women and men, causes inflammation. It is the inflammation that does a lot of issues inside the micro nutrient supply. Reducing inflammation is vital to healthy hair growth especially as we age. For those that have not dealt with scalp rashes, eczema, psoriasis etc. then you might want to consider using a sea salt shampoo with minerals to help prevent the lipid barrier breakdown. If you are suffering from these problems then you might want to get the shampoo, conditioner and also the scalp lotion that can provide intense therapy for those that are looking for a rebound from short term or even long term hair and skin problems. The minerals in the sea salts themselves will nourish the hair cells and will leave the hair shaft in healthy appearance. 

For those with eczema or psoriasis on the body or face then there is also mineral lotions and face creams that are made with high content sea salts including dead sea, Himalayan and others that will help to restore the moisture barrier that is vital to healthy skin. Skin and scalp rashes affect both women and men so please note that the type of skin or gender does not matter when using the hair care or skin care products with the high mineral content.

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