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Inviting New Talents to the Stage of Taipei Fashion Week

TFDA 2018 (Photos courtesy of TTF and Taipei In Style)

Taiwan Fashion Design Award (TFDA), a major annual event in Asia’s fashion industry, is now open for registration to worldwide new generation fashion designers. In the 35 years of history, TFDA has drawn over 14,000 participants and 90,000 works into the contest of top fashion design, including contestants coming from the art and fashion academy of USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, China, Hong Kong, Macau, etc.

TFDA has been served the purpose of discovering new talents in fashion design over the past 34 years. Through the promotion of this contest and the cooperation between industry and design academia, the foundation of the textile and fashion industry has been enforced, and therefore, TFDA has the mission to lead designers to make the further refinement of the industry through the newly discovered design ideas and perspectives.

Photo courtesy of Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF)

For the inspiration in the theme of design, the 4 keywords to note are CREATIVITY, PERFORMANCE, FUNCTION, and SUSTAINABILITY. CREATIVITY is to communicate with people in aesthetic methods. PERFORMANCE is to utilize high-tech, high-value-added textile materials to enhance comfort experience. FUNCTION is to create innovative and practical apparel, making our life better. Furthermore, the competition expects designers to focus on "SUSTAINABILITY" in terms of environmental friendliness and extending the life of materials and garments, in line with the global concern of green fashion issues.

Through this competition, contestants of TFDA from different places are encouraged to explore more possibilities in design, to enhance their skills by observing and learning from other talents. Also, they are noticed by the industry and media and extend their global vision. Hsieh, Yi-Ting, the designer who won the First Prize of 2020 TFDA, is currently studying at Fu Jen Catholic University for a Master's Degree in Fashion & Textiles. She said, "Being recognized on the stage of TFDA not only granted me the media attention and coverage, but also the opportunities to work with stylists, photographers, make-up artists, and celebrities. My design capability gained more and more recognition, which is a great encouragement for me to keep up with more excellent work."

The Finalist Designer Tang, Tsung-Chien is studying in Institut Français de la Mode of France. He mentioned, "After the competition, I received many work opportunities such as Merryson, Karomax, Sinta, Junmay Label, T-sa Tailor Shop, and Maluda Awi the Taiwanese Austronesian Craftman. I’m planning to develop my own brand in Taiwan and France."

The Chinese designer Hou, Qinglin, who is currently studying at Berlin University of the Arts, stated, "I’ve been benefited a lot from my finalist fashion show during the TFDA, for example, I used my reward to have an internship at D’heygere of Paris. Getting in the finalist of TFDA is a milestone of my life and also the stepping stone of future career."

TFDA 2020 / Photo courtesy of Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) Click to enlarge

TFDA is sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan and is organized by Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF). This year, with strong sponsorship from industry, including Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd., Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd., Coddy Global Ltd. and Fortune Industrial and Commercial Development Foundation, etc. to contribute the prize reward. The Preliminary round is estimated to be held in July, only 12 of the elite finalists will be chosen to enter the final round to claim the total prize of US$ 35,000. In addition, TFDA is also supported by the Ministry of Culture, and the best works will be exhibited on the international stage of Taipei Fashion Week, and will also be presented live worldwide.

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Taipei In Style 2018 - Memories

Enjoying the official dinner

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

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