Tuesday, June 15, 2021


By Eva Fydrych

Let's go shopping!

 Photos courtesy of Wholesale7

As our friends at Wholesale7 are celebrating their Mid-Year Sale, it's a great opportunity to get more familiar with their Special Offer and upgrade your summer wardrobe.

We selected some of our favourite items for this season and shared a couple of our styling tips as well. Enjoy our short fashion guide and get inspired!

1. Open-back Dress

Sexy Solid Backless Tie-Wrap Slit Maxi Dress (Photo courtesy of Wholesale7)

Spice up your look this summer and invest in one of the hottest dresses this season. An open-back dress is very feminine and will give you a unique, chic look.

This outfit is sure to turn heads and will look great on your Instagram feed as well. Choose elegant cream colour or classic black.

Wear it with simple black accessories and elegant flat sandals for a "Summer in The City" look.

2. Transparent Bag

Candy Color Transparent PVC Jelly Chain Crossbody Bags (Photo courtesy of Wholesale7)

An eye-catching cross-body bag in electric blue will be your best friend this season. It goes well with a variety of outfits, both jeans and summer dresses.

Combine it with a white asymmetric jumpsuit for a cool, futuristic evening look.

3. Workout Shorts

Summer Pure Drawstring Track Pants For Women (Photo courtesy of Wholesale7)

Summer is the best time to finally get active and wear one of those sexy swimsuits for women with a lot of confidence. Invest in a pair of stylish shorts like the ones above and start jogging, hiking or riding a bike before the beach season is in full swing!

Recommended colour palette for summer 2021: lavender, pastel blue or cream.

4. Chic Bikini

Seductive Swimwear Bikini Three Pieces Set Ladies (Photo courtesy of Wholesale7)

Talking about swimwear... Make sure you send enough time and energy on finding the right bikini this season. With so many styles and colours available on the market, it's easy to get confused.

This season, we recommend something funky and colourful with a lot of strings and decorative elements. Have a look at the example above. Isn't it gorgeous?

5. Beach Cover-Up

Adorable Solid Short Sleeve Maxi Dress Cover Ups (Photo courtesy of Wholesale7)

Last but not least, a stylish cover-up is one of the most useful summer items. Who said it can't serve as a dress as well? Just add suitable accessories such as trendy hat and jewellery and your daytime boho look is ready.

Enjoy your summertime and don't forget to take advantage of the Wholesale7 current Mid-Year Sale!

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