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By Alycia Gordan

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It's no surprise that after months of playing hot girl summer, winters crush it up for you when you can't dress to the nines anymore. It's a hurdle trying to find something that makes you look beautiful while also keeping you warm.

The fact is that while a lot of fashion and trends go into the whole process of dressing up for winters, a whole lot of science is also involved when you decide on the clothing that you're going to choose. Your clothes should be carefully handpicked, keeping in mind that they must be able to stay warm, keep your body warm, and most importantly, stave off the wind.

Keeping that in mind, here are five ways and styles you can adapt to feel beautiful yet warm in winters.

Layer up, baby!

Layering up is important for winters, so if you choose to ignore everything else that we're putting on this blog and if you ask for a single piece of advice, it's going to be this one. We will further cross off this particular point by giving you ways and styles you can make use of to layer up!

Experts say that wearing about three layers can help you stay warm and safe.

The base layer

Your base layer or the very first layer that you wear should be made of a material that can draw moisture away from the body—materials like polyester or even silk. Just remember not to make use of clothing items made out of cotton. Since while cotton shirts end up absorbing moisture just fine, they face quite a lot of difficulty in carrying out the evaporation process.

The middle layer

The middle layer is to be snug but not tight. It's meant to be the insulating layer, which is basically the one responsible for keeping you warm. From sweatshirts to sweaters to fleece, all work for the middle layer.

The middle layer can also consist of down coats as an option. The idea is to keep your body warm while giving you good coverage too.

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On the outskirts

The final layer is more about being wind and water-resistant rather than about keeping your body warm since the first two layers should be able to achieve that. Outer layers have vents around the armpit area that help to create ventilation. Jackets that you wear as the outer layers can be made of specially developed materials that work to be rain and windproof.

Bear up to gear up

Having talked about the clothing strategy, it's time that we talk about the clothing itself. Winter fashion has been hyping up the idea of wearing a teddy bear coat. This trend is spot on since teddy bear coats are easily the coziest and on-trend piece you could find.

Wearing them as part of your outer layer can help you feel warm and look extremely beautiful and on-trend. Pair these with a sweater, jeans, and boots, or even over something fancy, and you'll be good to go.

There are many types of bear jackets and even overcoats that you're going to come across when you look bear jackets up. All of them are equally beautiful.

R 13 Teddy Bear Coat (Photo courtesy of shopbop)

Brogues will never go out of style

Another fashion article that is highly on-trend and easily keeps you warm is a pair of glistening brogues. Brogues can be worn alongside jeans, preferably a skinny pair of jeans that keeps you warm. Sweatshirt and blazers can be worn with both those clothing items.

Brogues also look great under cute little dresses along with leggings that keep you warm. Remember, the idea is to stay warm and feel and look beautiful. Furthermore, brogues naturally blend in with pleated skirts or flowy trousers, so that's sorted too.

The best part is that brogues are snow-friendly. They give your feet a good grip and help you move around without being worried about slipping or anything of that sort.

Always wear leather!

Winter fashion comes around with the blessing of sexy leather outfits. No matter how cold it is, a winter day or even a night can be successfully aced in terms of fashion if something leathery is worn and carried the right way.

It's already understood that leather acts as an amazing insulator. Heat can be trapped quite easily when talking about leather. There are a million ways a leather jacket can be paired and worn. They can be worn with tank tops with turtle necks. Custom leather jackets can be worn too, which takes the outfit's entire spotlight, so you don't have to worry about pairing them right.

Snow boots, heels, or brogues can be worn under to feel warm and look beautiful.

Saks Potts Shawl Collar Leather Coat (Photo courtesy of Cettire)

Last things last

When dressing up and looking beautiful for winters, be mindful of your body and how it reacts to the climate. Understand the science behind fashion and remember to layer up as told! Be rather cognizant about the material you wear too, skip cotton, save it for the summers. Remember to make keeping your body warm your priority and then worry about looking beautiful. For you will always look beautiful when confident.


Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing. You can find her on Twitter: @meetalycia

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