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By Ava Rogers

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Birthdays are the ultimate occasion for the celebration. Birthdays are all about wearing new clothes, eating cakes, having fun while family gathering and doing photoshoots. Everybody loves to get invited to a birthday party.

Birthdays are special among teenagers. And nowadays having trendy nail art on your birthday is very popular. When you wear a beautiful outfit you get lots of compliments, the same is the case in nail art. People love to give compliments for the beautiful nail art you are donning.

Here are some of the best birthday nail ideas and art options for you to choose from on your special day.

  1. A Blend of Ombre and Polka Dots: You can call it an acrylic birthday nails design. It starts with a basic cot of normal paint then adds layers of different colours. On the top layer draw polka dots or little stars.
  2. The 80s Inspired Graphic Nail Design: If you are a fan of theme oriented parties then it is the best option for you. You can decorate it with squiggles, triangles, circles, and polka dots on a solid background.
  3. 3D Birthday Nails design: It is the most fun design for your nails. Decorate your nails with little ice cream cones, bows, and strawberries. It is best with red birthday nails.
  4. Pink and Glitter for a Festive Look: This nail design is decorated with pink nail paint first and then apply glitter and sprinkles on it. It is an acrylic birthday nail design.
  5. Pink Nails with Magical Glitter: This nail design is a combination of pink nail paint and magical glitter. Glitter must be applied to the edges of the nail. It is a pink birthday nail design.
  6. Adorable Valentine Candy Heart Nails: Decorate your nails with the pink colour of love. Draw some hearts and candies on it. You can also put the name of your lover on it.
  7. Amazing Rainbow Nails with Glitter: As it is clear from the name that you need to create rainbows like effects with glitter and transparent paint. It is a simple birthday nail idea.
  8. Cartoon Character Nail Paint Design: Make the image of your favourite character with the nail paint on your nails. It will enhance your personality and people will know about your favourite character.
  9. Candy Colored Nails with a Palm Design: It is the most trending paint scheme among girls. You can paint all your colour in different colours. Your nails will resemble candies. But be careful with this paint as you do not want to mix up.
  10. Chrome Paint Splattered Nail Designs: The colour of the paint will be as shiny as chrome. You can use the long fake nails in this nail paint art. It is a very simple and elegant nail paint design.

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