Thursday, December 9, 2021


By Eva Fydrych

Photos courtesy of SoinYou

Hello, December! New month is finally here and we are ready to bring you latest fashion trends and top tips to help you with your shopping choices and styling dilemmas.

That being said, we are happy to announce our latest fashion collaboration. This time we are partnering up with menswear retailer SoinYou.

Have a look at our selection of stylish mens vintage clothing and get inspired!

1. Plaid Jacket

Mens Vintage Casual Business Plaid Jacket (Photo courtesy of SoinYou)

Plaid jacket is a must-have item for every fashionable guy out there. You can keep it laid-back and casual by combining it with jeans and a T-shirt/sweatshirt or add some more style to your outfit by wearing black pants and a black sweater (as in the picture above).

Don't forget to add some unique accessories such as a silver chain and an elegant watch to finish up your look. Simple yet super chic.

2. Camel Jacket/Coat

Gentleman Vintage Double-breasted Coat (Photo courtesy of SoinYou)

Camel is an excellent winter colour as it can be easily combined with black and other colours; it always looks stylish and elegant, no matter how you style it. This season camel is especially popular so take advantage of this trend!

Italian Double-breasted Coat (Photo courtesy of SoinYou)

Now... let's have a look at some items that you can wear underneath your coat or jacket as that's equally important.

3. Elegant Waistcoat

Printed Color Formal Single-breasted Waistcoat (Photo courtesy of SoinYou)

Number three on our list of must-have menswear items for winter 2022: an elegant waistcoat. This item is not only very stylish but also extremely practical. Wear it with dark blue jeans and white shirt for an effortless yet chic look.

Talking about shirts... SoinYou has a large selection of mens slim fit long sleeve t shirts so visit their website to choose something suitable for yourself. Below you can find one of our favourite shirts for the casual holiday look and beyond:

4. Casual Shirt

Check Striped Textured Long Sleeve Shirt (Photo courtesy of SoinYou)

Introducing some bright colours into your winter wardrobe is always a good idea. It will keep your look more interesting and versatile. Happy winter!

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