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Some Trending Jewelry Designs
this holiday season & beyond

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The new year has already begun, but the festive moods are not yet over.

Semi-formal western wears are favored by women mostly because of them being a lot more comfortable to wear. To make you look more beautiful in these outfits you need certain classy jewelry which can grab the necessary attention of an onlooker. Some women wear big, heavy, and bold jewelry to make a statement about themselves while some women like to be subtle and are all out hidden gems. Whoever you are; today we are going to explore some trending jewelry designs. Not all of these are suitable for office wear, you be the best judge and choose accordingly.

Stud Earrings

It is the simplest form of earrings available. It is mainly of a single stone at the tip of a stick. Usually, the sticks are made of yellow gold and the stone is white diamonds, but lately, they have been found with other materials like topaz, ruby, and more. These earrings are very cute yet subtle and always almost hidden in plain sight. It is advisable to wear this with a light-colored outfit or dress. So to summarize, if you want a cute and subtle look go for a diamond stud, or else if you want a powerful and limelight grabbing look go for a ruby stud or other similar strong colored stone.

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Stone Necklace

A Lapis lazuli necklace is something that is both exclusive and fashionable. The elegance of this blue stone has found its admirers among many kings and queens and modern divas too. Something is mesmerizing about this stone that separates it from the herd. It is bold, yet surprisingly delicate at the same time. From the Egyptian pharaohs to the Queen of England everyone loves a good old lapis lazuli stone. The Lapis Lazuli Necklace by itself can add a delicate pop of color to your look. You can also experiment with other gold pendants for a refined take on summertime layering, destined to make you feel like royalty yourself.


Zircon is a beautiful gemstone that sparkles its users with incredible refraction which is far more powerful than Sapphire. It is not just about its beauty but it's more about its stunning fire which is highly exceptional. There are several zircons (s) available in the market, however, we recommend a stone that has a good depth of color since it will do a more proper job to make you look stunning at any small party or similar gathering.

You could wear a blue zircon ring along with a diamond necklace for a more exquisite look. Although keep in mind that it is less durable than diamond. Zircon damages more easily through impact and heavy wear than other gemstones. This blue zircon ring looks quite attractive and cool when worn with no other ring. Just look at how this small ring can work wonders for your overall look’s rating. Zircon is mainly found in the southeastern Asian country of Cambodia. Be sure to check if the stone is responsibly sourced or not.

Animal-themed Jewelry

This type of fashionable animal-themed jewelry started during the 2013 fashion show and has since then gained a lot in popularity especially among young women. The most common animal of the lot is the owl. An owl-shaped pendant or maybe earring is among the most trending items in jewelry counters year after year. The best material is sterling silver and the most exclusive material is used in yellow gold. You can also pair them with a platinum chain or string if you are looking for a subtle look. There is also a new sub-category within animal-themed jewelry called the “SANTA FE”. It is a big earring which has a short pictograph on it like say an elephant watching the sunrise or maybe an owl looking onto you.

Bangle Bracelets

These are worn mainly by women in the Southeast Asian country of India, but lately a lot of westerners are flocking towards this style. These bracelets are the most underrated form of jewelry and require a heavy look to carry with them. If you want a more subtle look go for a glass bangle instead of a gold one since it's more suitable for weddings or big-ticket occasions. These bracelets can be also found in silver, but those are best suitable for semi-formal occasions like a small local gathering, garden party, or outdoors. Bangles can also be worn by grouping. You can collect like say 4 to 5 different glass bangles and then mix them to wear. You will look good too, provided you can reduce the visual bulk by wearing some other jewelry too.

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