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By James

Photos courtesy of Shopstyle

Accessories can make or break an outfit; hence, they should always be considered a topmost priority when putting together any ensemble. The addition of a well-chosen fashion accessory can elevate your overall appearance with minimal effort.

When it comes to the new accessory trends of 2022, a combination of bold new favorites and refreshed classics are popular this year. Traditional jewelry like pearls and gold earrings also get a fresh update that is surely going to inspire you.

Are you curious to know more? Here, we’ve pulled together the latest accessory trends that will definitely revamp your existing wardrobe.

1. Netted Beret

A beret is an effortless way of looking stylish and elegant and now there has been a major upgrade to it this year. Add a netted beret into your closet and break the monochrome palette. The combination looks absolutely stunning for a tailored ensemble, like a belted shirt dress and a sundress. Place the beret over the head and keep it a few centimeters behind your ears to rock like a real Parisian.

Lauren Manoogian - Cashmere-blend Beret (Photo courtesy of NET-A-PORTER)

2. Waist Belts

A chain belt or wide waist belt has taken a high fashion turn this season. It is a fantastic way to attain an hourglass figure or add character to any outfit. You can team up these belts with multiple attires in many ways. Wear it with a long blazer, cardigans, or body-skimming dresses, and get the most out of this oversized accessory.

Emilio Pucci - Belt (Photo courtesy of YOOX)

3. Purple Bags

Purple hues have been around for the past few years, and the trend is here to stay for a long while. Purple bags instantly illuminate any ensemble, no matter what shades you throw into the mix. Stick to the color wheel and pair it with similar tones to let the accessory do the talking.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay (Click to enlarge)

4. Pearl Accessories

Pearls are timeless and hence the trend of pearl accessories will never fade out. Style them in your hair or as an anklet to rock the trend. This classic gemstone has become a must-have for every closet, and it’s not budging this season. You can either go for chunky pieces for creating an over-the-top look or invest in the small, delicate pieces to strike a balance. There are plenty of ways to add these cream gems to your daily outfits. You can combine crisp silhouettes and neutral shades for a more classic style.

However, before investing in pearls, you should know that only 0.005% of the world’s pearls are natural and the rest are cultured. The average size of a pearl is 7mm. Natural pearls are obtained from oysters but the probability of mollusks producing a pearl of gemstone quality is 1 in 1 million.

Photos courtesy of Sophie Bille Brahe and Simon Rocha / SSENSE

5. High Heel Boots

Chunky, high-heeled boots always take the front seat and this year is no different. From ankle-length to over the knee, these platform high heel boots are available in multiple sizes and colors. There are multiple ways you can wear this footwear. Accentuate your look by pairing these bold boots with a trench coat, mini dress, or a midi skirt.

Fendi - Leather High-Healed Boots (Photo courtesy of 24S)

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