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By Melissa Chorlton

And The Effects of Modern Technology in 2022

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Businesses have been struggling for the past couple of years, which is no different for the jewellery industry. The future is looking good for us all now and people have been purchasing much more since the world returned to normal. In the meantime, the jewellery industry has been adopting new and innovative methods of manufacturing their products with new materials and designs. In this article, we will discuss how are the jewellery industry evolving and the effects of modern technology in 2022.

How Is The Jewellery Industry Evolving?

Sustainability Is Becoming A Priority

The environment is at the forefront of everyone's mind in recent years and for good reason. With people having this in their mind, it is encouraging people to make smarter decisions rather than the easy ones such as how we eat, what we buy and how we travel to name a few. In recent years more studies have been conducted on people's habits and have found that 61% of consumers are now limiting the use of single-use plastics.

The jewellery industry is also noticing changes in their consumer's behaviours as more people are wanting ethical jewellery and sustainable manufacturing methods. The industry is changing and is paying close attention to its consumers such as creating lab-grown diamonds, using recycled materials, using closed-loop manufacturing processes and much more.

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Consumers Are Opting For Pre-Owned Over New

New jewellery will always be in demand but pre-owned jewellery is becoming the new favourite for many consumers. There are many benefits to this such as getting a better quality or a better gemstone for less as you don’t pay tax on pre-owned pieces and this trend is increasing by 8% each year.

Pre-owned jewellery such as vintage engagement rings is a much more sustainable choice as the materials have already been used. Due to them being old, chances are the materials are going to be much better than that of the same price in a new piece of jewellery.

What Are The Effects Of Technology In The Jewellery Industry?

In recent years, technology has influenced everything in our daily lives, including the jewellery industry. Here are some ways that the industry is transforming and what it means for us.

Transforming The Shopping Experience

The days when you are having to queue for hours in traffic to get to your jewellery shop are now over and they have been for quite some time now, but the internet is now one of the biggest tools for people to do a range of things, including buying jewellery online and offering virtual try-on services through your mobile device. People are more comfortable purchasing larger ticket items on the internet so the industry is adopting this method and encouraging people in different methods. Virtual try-on service is a huge innovation for the industry and it seems to be paying off.

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3D Printing

3D printing and CAD have become an essential part of how many businesses manufacture their products and have become indispensable to the jewellery industry. Benefits include easily correctable, more detailing, faster manufacturing times and much more. 3D technology has also enabled a better customer experience as they can help to create the piece as well as design the piece of jewellery. The great feature of 3D printing is the fact that almost any material can be printed meaning the jewellery can be extremely versatile.


Lasers have made a breakthrough in recent years and the technology is bringing new solutions to the jewellery industry every day. The technology has been used for a range of solutions such as welding, decorating, cutting and much more. This innovation has resulted in designs being catered for all customer's wants and needs. Due to lasers being pretty easy to use, it has made production times faster and also new designs are easily achievable.

When it comes to security, lasers are a fantastic way to keep your jewellery tracked. Lasers have made progress where other methods have failed. Lasers are now powerful enough to create microscopic identification numbers or an ID into diamonds and gemstones which makes it much more difficult for thieves and other unscrupulous characters to sell your jewellery on.

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Smart Jewellery

Many enjoy the finer things in life and one of those is jewellery. Today, more people are wearing jewellery and there has also been a rise in men wearing more jewellery with the likes of Harry Styles paving the way for men who don’t know how to style properly. Today jewellery and accessories have improved further by adding smart technology to the system. Designers are not only now creating pieces that look amazing, but also serve a purpose for more people.

Rings, bracelets, sunglasses and watches are just some of the pieces that have been getting an updated tone with trackers for heart rates, sleep, diet and much more like answering phone calls. The possibilities are endless and exciting and the jewellery industry is just getting started on this journey.

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