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By Fairy Yu

Photos courtesy of Canva & Cosmolle

A few seasons ago, vibrant colors began to appear in various collections. Candy colors, without a doubt, were precursors to this new fun and youthful trend. However, now, the focus is on saturated and open tones, which add a lively touch to any type of look.

The vibrant color palette, therefore, is quite extensive and full of alternatives. In this sense, it is always possible to find shades that match each person and their looks. The important thing is to add a point of light to productions and balance the striking color with the other pieces and accessories of the look.

Color blocking is one of the trends that most plays with strong and vibrant colors. The idea is to mix shades that seem to be completely opposite, like yellow and purple or red and pink. This color combination is full of personality and perfect for those who like a modern look.

Photo courtesy of Cosmolle

To know exactly how to make these combinations so different, chromatic analysis can help you understand which colors go together. The study is made from a circle composed of 12 colors, formed from the three primaries: blue, yellow and red.

That way, to find out which colors go together, just choose the tones that are on the opposite sides. Thus, the user can bet on mixes of colors that harmonize and create interesting effects.

Another proposal to explore the vibrant color trend is to invest in monochrome looks, that is, looks composed of pieces in the same shade. This idea is a good option for those who still don't have so much ease in combining colors or want practicality when getting dressed.

You can also bring out the vibrant color in pieces with different shades. For example, for a look with a vibrant blue skirt and a light blue blouse. This contrasting effect looks beautiful and is a great choice for changing productions.

As in the entire fashion market, vibrant colors have also gained a very special space in the area of fitness clothing and yoga suits. These strong vibrating colors certainly add a good dose of energy and joy to their users' workouts.

Photo courtesy of Cosmolle

Pink, blue, or green are often some of the colors chosen by fans of vibrantly colored fitness or yoga clothing. These colors are very modern and draw attention wherever they go. Whether matching or different colors, this style of color when used guarantees a lot of originality to the look.

Photo courtesy of Cosmolle

The colors certainly reflect on the mood and energy of those who use them and that's why this style of color is often chosen by practitioners of physical activities.

In addition to transmitting good vibes, these colors increase self-esteem in the mirror's reflection.

Many activities nowadays are done in rooms with mirrors so that people can follow their progress and efforts more closely, when a practitioner of these activities sees his reflection in the mirror using these color tones, it is common for him to immediately feel more outstanding and alive.

Photo courtesy of Cosmolle

Whether leggings, or sports bra and shorts set, colors are very important to express personality. Of course, there are also people who like the basic little black dress. The tip is to use the basic black dress accompanied by some colorful accessory such as hair bands, rabicó (ponytail holder), sock or wristband. So the look is simple but with a fun touch.

These vibrant colors will remain in style for a long time, cheerful and full of energy, these colors will give a touch of personality to the training looks of its users.

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