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In 5 Easy Steps

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Barbie is a well-known and iconic doll that has been captivating children and adults alike for decades. Created by Ruth Handler in 1959, Barbie has become one of the most popular toys in the world and has left a lasting impact on the toy industry and popular culture.

In 2023, we are witnessing a true Barbie craze, so let's dive into this subject and start thinking pink! ;)

A Bit of History

The inspiration for Barbie came from Ruth Handler's observation of her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls and envisioning them in adult roles. Handler realized the need for a three-dimensional adult doll that would allow children to imagine various real-life scenarios. She collaborated with her husband Elliot, who was the co-founder of Mattel, a toy manufacturing company, to bring her vision to life.

The first Barbie doll debuted at the New York Toy Fair on March 9, 1959. With her fashionable clothes, glamorous accessories, and adult-like features, Barbie instantly stood out among traditional dolls of the time. She was marketed as a teenage fashion model, named after Handler's daughter Barbara, and became an instant hit.

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After reaching unprecedented popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, Barbie's influence on culture and fashion continued to grow throughout the years. In the 1980s, Barbie underwent a significant transformation, adopting a more glamorous and fashionable image to match the trends of the decade. With her brightly colored clothes, larger-than-life hairstyles, and bold accessories, Barbie became an icon of the era's materialistic and glamorous culture.

Barbie's influence extended beyond just toys and into the world of fashion. Many fashion designers took inspiration from Barbie's ever-changing wardrobe, incorporating her style into their collections. Barbie's exaggerated proportions also had an impact on the fashion industry, sparking debates about body image and the unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by the doll.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Barbie continued to showcase different facets of culture and fashion, representing diverse professions and hobbies.

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Style Icon

Many fashion designers have drawn inspiration from Barbie throughout the years. Some notable designers who have incorporated Barbie-themed elements in their collections include:

1. Anna Sui: Her first Boho Barbie doll was created in 2006. Anna Sui has also taken inspiration from Barbie in some of her collections, adding a touch of nostalgia and fantasy to her designs. 

2. Moschino: In 2014, Moschino collaborated with Barbie to create a limited-edition collection featuring Barbie-inspired garments and accessories. The creative director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott, has also designed two Barbie dolls dressed in iconic Moschino designs.

3. Karl Lagerfeld: The late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld designed a limited-edition Barbie doll in 2014. This doll, named Barbie Lagerfeld, captured Lagerfeld's signature look, complete with his iconic white ponytail, dark sunglasses, high-collared shirt, and fingerless gloves. The doll also featured a sleek black suit, complete with a tailored jacket and trousers, paying homage to Lagerfeld's own impeccable fashion sense. The Lagerfeld Barbie doll became an instant collector's item and was highly sought after by fashion and Barbie enthusiasts alike.

4. Christian Siriano: In 2017, Christian Siriano released a collection inspired by Barbie, showcasing glamorous and playful designs reminiscent of the iconic doll.

5. Pat McGrath: The renowned makeup artist created a Barbie-inspired makeup collection in 2019, featuring vibrant colors and playful packaging. She was honored with her own Barbie doll in 2022.

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Barbie Lifestyle in 5 Easy Steps

From fashionable clothes and accessories to chic interior design, there are some desirable elements of the Barbie lifestyle and we will show you can easily incorporate them into your life. Keep reading!


For achieving a Barbie-inspired look without going over the top, consider the following styling tips:

1. Color Palette: Stick to a sophisticated and feminine color palette. Opt for pastel shades like baby pink, lavender, light blue, and mint green. These colors will give your look a subtle Barbie vibe without being overly bold.

2. Silhouettes: Choose outfits with classic silhouettes that flatter your body shape. Fit-and-flare dresses, A-line skirts, and high-waisted pants are all excellent options. These styles are reminiscent of Barbie's iconic fashion choices.

3. Prints and Patterns: Incorporate playful and girly prints into your wardrobe. Polka dots, floral prints, and gingham are all great choices. Remember to keep the patterns subtle and tasteful to avoid going overboard.

4. Accessories: Accessories play a crucial role in achieving a Barbie-inspired look. Focus on feminine details like pearl jewelry, delicate bracelets, and dainty necklaces.

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Barbie-inspired look wouldn't be complete without the right hairstyle. Your hair should not only be long, but also voluminous and shiny. Here are a few tips how to achieve a Barbie-like hairstyle in no time:

1. Sleek and Straight Hair: Barbies are often known for their perfectly straight and glossy hair. Use a flat iron to achieve a smooth, straight look. Apply a heat protectant before styling to prevent damage.

2. High Ponytail: A classic Barbie look is a high ponytail. Start by smoothing your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Secure it with a hair tie and wrap a small section of hair around the hair tie to conceal it.

3. Bouncy Curls: Another signature Barbie look is bouncy curls. You can achieve this by using a curling wand or curling iron. Section your hair and curl small sections away from your face. Once done, run your fingers through the curls to create a softer, more natural look.

4. Volume: Barbie hairstyles often have a lot of volume. Start by applying a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This will help create a good foundation for adding volume. After towel-drying your hair, apply a volumizing mousse or spray evenly throughout your hair. These products will give your hair added texture and lift. If you have flat or fine hair, you can also use hair rollers or Velcro rollers to achieve a desired look. Don't forget to apply color-enhancing hair gloss in the end to create long-lasting shine.

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You can also use a wig to achieve a Barbie-inspired hairstyle as it's a quick and easy way to transform your look. Barbie's iconic hairstyle is typically characterized by long, straight hair with a center part. Look for a wig with similar characteristics, such as long blonde hair and a center part. However, feel free to customize the wig to suit your personal style and preferences - you can as well go for a voluminous, curly look and dark hair colour (as in the picture above).


To achieve a Barbie-like makeup look, here are some useful tips:

1. Start with a flawless base: Use a foundation that matches your skin tone and apply it evenly all over your face. Conceal any blemishes or dark spots.

2. Highlight and contour: Barbie's face often has sharp features, so use a lighter shade of concealer or highlighter on the high points of your face like your cheekbones, brow bone, and the bridge of your nose. Use a cool-toned contour shade to create definition on your cheekbones, jawline, and temples.

3. Go for bright and shimmery eyeshadows: Barbie is known for her vibrant eye makeup. Choose bright, colorful eyeshadows (pastel pinks, purples, or shimmery metallics are popular choices) to make your eyes pop. Apply a light shade over the entire lid, a darker shade on the outer corner, and blend well. Use a shimmery shade on your inner corners to brighten up your eyes.

4. Master winged eyeliner: Create a winged eyeliner shape on the outer corners of the eyes to achieve the glamorous and feminine aesthetic of the Barbie doll.

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5. Choose the right lipstick: For a Barbie-inspired makeup look, you'll want to focus on bright, bold colors that are fun and youthful. Here are some lipstick and lipgloss color palettes that would work well with this theme:

  • Bubblegum Pink Palette:
- Bubblegum pink lipstick: This is a classic Barbie color that is vibrant and playful.
- Clear lipgloss with pink shimmer: Add a touch of sparkle to your lips with a pink-hued shimmer gloss.

  • Barbie Doll Red Palette:
- Bright red lipstick: A timeless red shade that matches the classic Barbie aesthetic.
- Clear lipgloss with red tint: Add a glossy finish to your red lips with a clear gloss that has a subtle red tint.

  • Electric Pink Palette:
- Hot pink lipstick: This bold shade instantly grabs attention and screams Barbie!
- Clear lipgloss with holographic or iridescent shimmer: Opt for a gloss that has a touch of holographic or iridescent glitter to achieve a striking, multifaceted shine effect.


Here are a couple of tips to incorporate Barbie style into the interior design of your house:

1. Color Palette: Barbie is known for her signature pink color, so incorporating various shades of pink is a great way to infuse the Barbie style into your home. Consider using pink as a dominant color for walls, furniture, or accessories. You can also complement it with other pastel colors like lavender, mint, or baby blue to create a sweet and playful atmosphere.

Photo: Canva

2. Furniture and Accessories: Opt for feminine and glamorous furniture pieces with curves and delicate details. Choose elegant, tufted or velvet sofas and chairs, mirrored or glossy furniture, and crystal chandeliers to create a touch of luxury. Incorporate Barbie-themed accessories like Barbie dolls, framed artwork featuring Barbie, or even Barbie-inspired pillows, throws, or rugs.

3. Patterns and Textures: Another way to infuse the Barbie style is through the use of playful patterns and textures. Here are a couple of ideas to consider:

  • Polka dots: Use polka dot patterns on curtains, cushions, or carpets to add a playful touch.
  • Bold stripes: Incorporate bold, colorful stripes on wallpaper, accent walls, or rugs to create a visually striking effect.
  • Floral prints: Opt for feminine and bright floral prints on pillows, bedspreads, or wallpapers to evoke a Barbie-inspired feel.
  • Faux fur: Include faux fur elements, such as throw blankets or rugs, to add a touch of luxury and glamor.

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4. Tech Gadgets:

  • Colorful speakers: Choose vibrant Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones in shades that complement your Barbie-inspired decor.
  • LED light strips: Install colorful LED light strips to create the desired look. As Barbie doll style typically involves vibrant and bold colors, chose pink, purple, or other bright shades to create a fun and playful ambiance. Whether you want to line your entire room or just highlight certain areas, LED light strips offer versatility and are easy to use. You can stick them around mirrors, shelves, or even along the edges of furniture to create a stunning effect.


Cultivating an inner child within us is an essential aspect of personal growth and happiness as adults. While adulthood often demands responsibility, maturity, and practicality, it is equally important to nurture the childlike curiosity, playfulness, and wonder that resides within us all. And that's exactly what we can learn from Barbie.

The concept of an inner child refers to the essence of innocence, creativity, and joy that we experienced in our early years. As children, we approached life with a sense of adventure, uninhibited by self-doubt or the fear of judgment. We were constantly exploring, learning, and creating without hesitation.

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However, as we grow older and face the demands of adulthood, our inner child tends to become overshadowed. The pressures of work, relationships, and societal expectations can dampen our playful spirit and cause us to lose touch with the pure joy and curiosity we once had.

Reconnecting with our inner child can be transformative. It allows us to rediscover forgotten passions, unlock our creative potential, and find happiness in the simplest everyday things.

Top Styling Tips

The best thing about this year's Barbie trend is the fact that you don't need to go all-in to embrace it. Instead of trying to copy celebrities and wearing head-to-toe pink, just choose the elements that you genuinely like and skip the rest.

Pink looks great combined with other colors such as gold (for that extra touch of elegance) or black (for adding a little edge to your outfit and showing your rebellious side).

Photos: Amazon (Find the details below)

To add some edge to your Barbie-inspired outfit, follow these steps:

1. Start with the black leather pants as your base. Make sure they fit well and are comfortable to wear.

2. Choose pastel pink feather top that adds a playful touch to the outfit. The feathers will provide a fun texture and enhance the Barbie theme.

3. Opt for floral earrings to incorporate some femininity and tie in with the pink color scheme. The floral design adds a touch of elegance and complements the playful nature of the feathers.

4. Add a gold clutch to introduce a glamorous element. The metallic gold will provide a trendy contrast against the black leather and pink accents.

5. Complete the look with black stilettos, which will add a touch of sophistication and elongate your silhouette. The black color will pair well with the leather pants and help create a chic and polished look.

Optional: For an extra pop of funkiness, consider wearing pink glasses. This playful accessory will spice up your look.

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