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Amanda Sanders, Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Consultant, Shares Easy at Home Tips to Keep Your Winter Favorites Fresh

NEW YORK - As the winter season takes hold, harsh weather takes a toll on our outerwear, and our go-to seasonal favorites, such as sweaters and knits, are overworn out of necessity to combat the cold temperature. Amanda Sanders, Celebrity Stylist, Fashion Consultant, and Lifestyle Expert, is sharing simple and effective tips for caring for your winter staples. These easy-to-follow suggestions ensure that your winter essentials, from clothing to accessories, remain in excellent condition throughout the season.

Sanders emphasizes, "We all fall in love with our clothing and have our unique style. As the seasons change, our winter gear becomes not just a shield against the cold, but a reflection of ourselves. Preserving these pieces over time is so important to keep looking and feeling our best for winters to come.”

Sanders' go-to five tips for caring for your go-to winter items are:

1. Sweater Care and Cashmere Maintenance: Avoid hanging sweaters to prevent warping over time, if you must, I usually fold knits over the hanger to maintain their shape. For cashmere, wash cashmere sparingly, limiting it to once or twice a season to preserve its softness and longevity. I also recommend using this liquidless detergent, Arm & Hammer Power Sheets, which is perfect for on the go, especially if you have to head to a laundry mat and has a fresh linen scent.

2. De-Pilling Knits: Most sweaters and pants can start to pill after multiple wears so I like to use an electric sweater shaver such as Conair Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover to easily remove pills which keeps materials looking fresh as ever. This tool is handy and easily removes pills, ensuring a clean and well-maintained appearance.

3. Storage Boot Care: You can purchase shoe trees at most retailers which preserve the shape over time. Additionally, stuffing boots with newspaper during storage will maintain their shape and prevent creasing. Before storing boots at the end of the season, make sure to dry and clean them; Cobbler’s Concierge has an excellent shoe cleaning set.

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4. Protecting Shoes from the Outdoors: Shoes will inevitably be covered in snow and salt, but spraying them with a waterproof spray before going out in the elements can safeguard them from damage.

5. Wool Coat Handling: If your wool coat gets wet, hang it and gently blot off excess moisture with a towel. Avoid wringing or hanging it improperly, as this changes the garment's shape. I always allow wool to air dry versus putting it in the dryer.

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“Taking care of your winter wardrobe should be easy and accessible to everyone. These tips are meant to help individuals keep their favorite winter items in top-notch condition," says Sanders.

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  1. the water proof spray idea is great I will be doing that from now on.


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