Thursday, February 17, 2011


By Kimberly Edwards

Fashion modeling is more to me than just looking "pretty" I look at fashion modeling as an art and a means of self expression. Growing up, I always loved art and loved being creative, whether it was drawing, poetry, or music. It allowed me to be me and express myself in an innovative way. I’m learning that modeling offers much of the same thing.

Photo by Monique Marie;
Makeup: Ruth Noemi
Everything from the hair, make-up, posing, or walking on the runway, it all allows you to be creative and original. Although modeling is used to attract and grab the attention of the audience, creativity and concepts are usually behind the masterpiece, which is why I love modeling and can connect with it on an artistic level because there is so much creativity involved.

I have overcome many challenges and have grown so much as a result of modeling. When I first started, let me tell u, I was fearful and timid, but I NEVER let that stop me. I noticed that each time I was exposed to a new setting, whether it was a photo shoot, casting call, or fashion show, the less and less afraid I became. It was like the fear shed right off of me and over a fast period of time.

I can honestly say I know the true meaning to facing your fears and actually overcoming them. This shows the ambitious character that I have; that I don’t give up and push through until I get my breakthrough. Modeling has allowed me to not only face my fears, but also build character. I feel like your experiences shape and mold who you are, and for me modeling has been an experience that has not only shaped and molded me into a more confident person, but it also brought a new and exciting change to my life.

I have discovered that modeling is like my little outlet to life - it's something that I can call my own. You know how everybody has their "thing" in life, something that they love to do, whether it's basketball or dancing etc? Well for me, modeling is my "thing"! :) Even though I am fairly new to the modeling industry, it is definitely something that I have grown to love and have become very passionate about. I feel I have potential to become greater and I am aiming every chance I get to be better at it.

Modeling is something that I enjoy. It allows me to meet new people, learn, grow, and just have fun!!! Modeling makes me feel like I'm a part of something; like it was cut out just for me! :) I love modeling and want to gain as much experience as I can. I am a fast and willing learner, and hope to excel my modeling career to the next level!!!


Kimberly Edwards is a model based in Milford, Connecticut, US. She travels regularly for photoshoots to New York. She is currently still building her portfolio (high fashion, editorial, vintage and couture looks) and looking to sign a contract with an agency.

Height: 5'9"
Measurements: 32'-25'-36'
Dress: 2
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

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