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Occupation: Model
City: Toronto, Canada & New York, US

FASHION STUDIO: When did you start modeling and why did you decide to become a model?

ROXY: I started modeling at age 17. I decided to become a model because I was tired of looking through magazines and watching television commercials and not seeing myself in them. I knew I had what it takes to be a model, and it was only a matter of time until I’d be in magazines, commercials etc.

FASHION STUDIO: What are the best and worst sides of this job for you?

ROXY: The best side of this job is the traveling and networking with people within the industry. I love to travel and I don’t like being in the same place for too long. I enjoy being in the spotlight and having my photo taken for newspapers and magazines.

The worst side of this job for me is having people who are jealous of you and what you’re doing, but I guess that happens with everyone, no matter where you go. There are people who don’t want to see you do well and will envy you. I decided to make this negative into a positive though, by telling myself that I must be doing something right, why some people don’t want to see me shine. 

FASHION STUDIO: You are based between Toronto and New York. How would you compare those two cites in terms of fashion, modeling, and everyday life?

ROXY: Toronto and New York are both cool places to live and work. Toronto isn’t as active within the fashion world compared to New York. New York has a lot more modeling opportunities. It is said that New York is the world's fashion capital. Top designers are always displaying their work in New York. I’m from Toronto and I’ll always have love for Toronto regardless ;)

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe your personal style?

ROXY: I have a more North American sense of style and like to dress for a specific occasion. For example, if I am going to a gathering where people are expected to dress upscale, I like to wear a fashionable dress that suits my body and a comfortable pair of stilettos. I like to play with colors and won’t stick to just a solid one colored dress or outfit. There are times where I’ll wear a hoop earring in one ear and stubs in the other, and sometimes I’ll have every other nail polished and have the rest bare. Some people find that weird or strange, but that’s me, I like being different. Days when I’m off work and don’t have a photoshoot or fashion show to do, I love feeling comfortable and therefore I wear baggy pants and a tank top.

FASHION STUDIO: Who is your favorite designer or fashion icon?

ROXY: My favorite designers: Jean Paul Gaultier, Mark Jacobs and Calvin Klein. My favorite fashion icons are Iman, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.

FASHION STUDIO: Which places in Toronto and New York would you recommend for shopping?

ROXY: I recommend New York when it comes to shopping. I shop at Barneys, Macys or H&M. If you take a walk through the malls in Toronto, you’ll tend to see that most of what they carry is the same thing, or close in variety. When I do shop in Toronto, I go to Yorkdale Mall or shop in Yorkville.

FASHION STUDIO: You took part in LG Fashion Week. Tell us more about this experience...

ROXY: I took part in LG fashion week in 2009, where I walked the runway for Vata Brasil, a sporting apparel company based out of Vancouver. Last year, I walked the runway for Baby Steinberg and had a fantastic experience. I was also a part of the Fashion Police and was very busy throughout all of fashion week. I must add that walking down the runway wearing a barrel and stilettos was not an easy task but I enjoyed ‘rocking it’ and made it look good. One of the really great feelings I got from being in these shows was having my pictures displayed in many newspapers that reported and covered Toronto Fashion Week.

FASHION STUDIO: What are your modeling projects for 2011?

ROXY: The year has just started and I’ve already been busy and I am very blessed for that. I’ll be doing segments on Entertainment Television (ET), fashion shows within Canada and the US and potentially the United Kingdom (UK), and be in a lot more magazines. I’m starting up a few of my own projects, one includes my Runway Modeling Workshop and the other is my own online show called roxanneTV. Things are going well for me right now, so I can’t complain.

FASHION STUDIO: What advice would you give to all girls who would like to begin a modeling career in New York ? Where should they start?

ROXY: Honestly, it isn’t just about beginning a modeling career in New York . For any girl who wants to be a model regardless of where they’re from, it’s all about doing their research. Modeling is about making money, not spending your last dollar to agencies for fees etc. If an agency or photographer has great interest in you, they will waive fees for you and be willing to invest in you. Modeling takes a lot of work and you’ll get better with practice. Always try to pose in front of the mirror and walk around in high heels whenever you get a chance.

FASHION STUDIO: Have you got any special secrets on how to stay slim and fit? Do you go to the gym or have a special diet?

ROXY: I am very lucky to have a naturally slim body. I do jog quite a bit in the summer time and from time to time I do my own exercise regimen at home. But for the most part, I do not have to really do too much to maintain my figure. People say I’m lucky because I have a very high metabolism. Everyone knows it’s all about eating your fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you! It was a pleasure talking to you.
By Eva Fydrych

All photos courtesy of Roxanne Wright

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  1. Wonderful pictures! You are beautiful and doing big things. Bless!


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