Friday, May 13, 2011

BEACHWEAR: Summer 2011 Trends

By Eva Fydrych

As Summer approaches, the annual search for the perfect swimsuit has already begun for most women. Let's have a look at some of the designs by Prelude Swimwear:

Warrior Queen Monokini by Prelude Swimwear

Desert Sin by Prelude Swimwear

Desert Mist by Prelude Swimwear

Rose Teal Bandeau Bikini by Prelude Swimwear

Sensual White Monokini by Prelude Swimwear

Desert Rose Monokini by Prelude Swimwear

Peacock Push-Up by Prelude Swimwear

Pink Python Dress by Prelude Swimwear

Soft Pink Rose Bandeau by Prelude Swimwear

All pieces are available for shipping in USA & Canada. Prices start at $139. Website: Elite Fashion Swimwear


Prelude Swimwear 2011 presents a swimwear and beachwear collection that has crossed the standards of beauty, glamour, and style: refined and luxurious swimsuit styles ranging from feminine and delicate prints to an eclectic mixture of prints and patterns that reinforce original and trendy fashion senses. Prelude is a luxury line where great design meets great style. European essence and passion for fashion have joined forces to present you the most exquisite in swimwear: Prelude Swimwear 2011 collection as seen at Mode City, Paris, the most influential swimwear and lingerie shows that bring together designers from all over the world.

Deluxe Crystal Bandeau has been featured in the German Vogue 2011 Swarovski Zodiac as representative for the zodiac sign "Pisces".

Source: Prelude Swimwear


  1. Innovative Beach Products You Need This Summer

    The atmospheric condition is getting drier, the dusks are becoming balmier as well as the beach is beginning to invite you toward its sandy seashores and toward its blueish waters; summer is just around the corner. Whether you're thinking about holding your yearly summer BARBEQUE at the beach front, or enjoying your best friends baby shower at one of the beach fronts, we have got you met with some of the most popular beach-product trends right now.

    1. Handbags

    What is better than patterns that support craftsmens around the globe and are environmentally friendly?!

    These are the bags of the summer season '18-- handmade, elegant, practical, and desirable. There are 6 straw hand bags that you will see on the highways from LA to Milan. The 6 straw bags are The French Net Bag, The Abaca Straw Tote, Hand Woven Straw Tote, The Straw Circle Bag, The Circle Cross Body Bag, The Bamboo Clutch. These dealers are the track to go, since they are concurrently affordable and creating waves on earth of virtues and sustainability. Right now, go grab that summer handbag you have had your desire on!

    2. Summer Swimwear

    If ever you are considering getting a plain, conventional bikini or one piece beachwear to revive your beach wear choice, you are certainly wrong. There are loads of various brand new styles for summer '19 to choose from. Given that you will use most of the moment on the beach from morning to nighttime, there's a kind of beachwear code and stringent design rules to observe: a particular beachwear design for every single moment or celebration of the day. And since we want it both sexy, chic and disguising our tiny complexes, there exists a number of online store advertising a cool and trendy selection of the best brands on earth.

    3. Summer Towel

    Whether drying off soon after swimming, bumming on the sand, or exposing out in the sun (with sunblock of course!), a beach summer towel is a summer essential. However not all beach towels are made equal. To make sure you are acquiring the ideal beach towel capable, there are a couple of valuable beach towel purchasing recommendations you must consult before buying:

    Fiber material:
    Generally, beach towels are crafted from 100% cotton terrycloth, but more options are offered in microfiber fabric. Cotton has the timeless looped model that's more lush and also absorbing, whereas microfiber has a softer surface and drains faster.

    Usage cases: If you are utilizing the towel mainly for lounging on the sand, try a sand-resistant pick or relaxing beach blanket. A more plush, absorbent option is better suited for drying off post-swim at the swimming pool or beach.

    4. Beach Accessories

    Brighten up your appeal for summer's longer days, hotter nights, as well as beachy afternoons by having casual, sturdy canvas-inspired summer accessories. Not just are they made for the cool air, these items also partner beautifully with your favorite warm-weather staple: khaki jeans.

    A colourful scarf, a lightweight leather bag and classy sunglasses are the best accessories for a warm summer season day. French watch and jewellery maker Cartier has created a lovely variety of summer accessories for women to illuminate your style.

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