Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Woman/Ray? Man/Ray?
By Whyishnave Suthagar

Couturier extraordinaire Jean Charles’s autumn/winter 2011 collection entitled “Woman/Ray” was a tribute to the surrealist photographer Man Ray. Through various emblems in the fabrics, JC de Castelbajac evoked subtle yet compelling acknowledgement of the influential film artist.

Stars like Katy Perry, Celine, Slimy, Pedro Winter and Mareva Galanter (who somehow was wearing one of the creations that were featured on the very same runway) were high in attendance.

The show began in complete darkness, with the words WOMAN/RAY lit up and hovering above the audience. Then, the group Gentleman Drivers played the show’s anthem and the first model walked out from the modern Marquise Casati entrance in a very plaid neutral coloured outfit, fitting for this season’s trends, but unfit for the unconventional work of Jean Charles. And then the show’s trend-accurate designs started to transcend into the avant-garde work he is famous for.

There were prints quite literally straight out of a book. Printed on some of the fabrics were fictional excerpts, cover titles and Disney interpretations of children’s classics including, the 101 Dalmatians, Croisiere sur ta Peur and Master’s of Ceremony. Then the work went even further in time to the 1920‘s, a time when Man Ray reigned. The flowing prints depicted some of Man Ray’s arguably most famous photographs like Le Violin d’Ingres and Glass Tears.

As the show concluded, viewers were left inspired and in awe, now awaiting his next collection.


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