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Meet Fashion Studio Magazine regular contributors:


Lisa Doherty is a Makeup Artist based in Kingston, Ontario. Lisa shares her beauty knowledge with our readers in her regular articles for Fashion Studio. Not only is she a talented Makeup Artist, but she is a great writer too! Her articles are always very interesting and informative, featuring the latest beauty and makeup trends in the industry.

Website: Starstruck Makeup Artistry - Kingston ON

GAIL - Bangkok

Gail is a fashion blogger based in Bangkok, Thailand. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a certificate in Fashion Design. Her fashion experience includes working for a Singaporean designer Frederick Lee, a fashion retailer Zalora, New York based designer Flinga Co. and Universal Studios in Florida. Gail has not only a great eye for fashion trends, but also a lot of positive energy, creative mind, and a unique approach to fashion.


Eugene De Villamil is a New York based photographer with many years of experience in the industry. His fine-art work has been exhibited in several galleries and has been published domestically and internationally. Eugene is a member of Professional Photographers of America, Canon Professional Services, and International Center of Photography.

Eugene covers events & fashion shows in NYC.

Website: Eugene De Villamil


Patrick Wack is a French photographer living in Shanghai. His work has been published in Marie-Claire, Vogue, Asia Magazine and Travel & LeisureHis commercial clients include such agencies as BBH and Wieden+Kennedy for Nike, the Shangri-La group, Novartis, Daimler Benz, GE, and the ELLE group. Patrick is a member of the LAIF photo agency and a co-founder of the China-based UBQT collective.

Patrick covers Street Fashion in China.

Website: Patrick Wack

TIM COMMONS - Melbourne

Tim Commons is a Graphic Designer & Photographer from Australia. Inspired by Albert Watson, Juliet Taylor, and Gary Windogrand, he is especially passionate about street photography and events.

"Experimentation should be embraced enthusiastically... I am very reliable and actively engage in designing a shoot. I create layered, evocative (thought provoking) content that lasts way beyond this seasons fashion. Everyday photography that is not so everyday."

BILL CHEN - Sydney

Bill has been a part of the TVC and Film industry for the past 10 years, and is currently working on George Miller’s 3D follow up to ‘Happy Feet’.

In late 2002, Bill started label Meet Tyrone as a creative vehicle to pursue and further his other interests. Initially envisaged and launched as a street fashion label using T-shirts as the chosen medium to deliver graphic art to a different and larger audience, it later progressed and expanded into more trend conscious street wear. Over the past two years, the Meet Tyrone label has progressed to hold more of a photography focus. The goal is to instead help other designers and artists to showcase their work.

          Websites: Bill Chen & Meet Tyrone


Dejan is an architect by profession. Over the past 20 years, Dejan has worked on projects around the world – Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Australia. Most of his work is architectural photography, from architectural details, interiors, individual homes and buildings, to urban developments and cityscapes.

"Architecture provides framework for life and I try to capture life's moments with my photography. Street fashion certainly provides some of most attractive moments to be captured. As Coco Chanel said: “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.”

Website: Phantasee Photo


Frances Carleton is a Communications Consultant and freelance writer based in Sydney. As part of her work she is required to take photographs of corporate settings, industrial locations and other unglamorous situations. Being part of the Fashion Studio has given her a reason to get the camera out for a little razzle-dazzle.

Frances covers Street Fashion in Sydney.

Website: FCConsulting


Axelle Manfrini, born in 1987 in Avignon in the south of France, started design studies in high school. After her graduation, she left for Paris where she specialized in fashion design at the Paris School of Art. She then proceeded to study photography at the Université de Paris 8. She now lives and works in Paris.

Her eclectic background gave her the opportunity to take an interest in design, visual art, fashion, cinema... This curiosity of all things artistic gives her a source of diversified skills on which she draws constantly to enhance her photographic skill set. As a photographer, Axelle Manfrini tries to give another meaning to reality. For her, photography is not just a document, it is a space for creation. She captures the light and wanders in a location to invent a new photographic space.

Website: Axelle Manfrini


Jada Lombard is a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist and the owner of The Green Bath & Beauty Company, a business which solely retails natural, Vegan/Vegetarian, eco-friendly, and Organic beauty products. Her retail lines are all lovingly crafted in Canadian cities including Kingston, Toronto, and Morden (Manitoba).

Jada writes for Fashion Studio about beauty and health.


Lynda is a Law & Justice graduate first and a Fashion Design graduate second. With a background like hers, she understands the propriety of speech but also embraces the freedom of creativity. Lynda is enthusiastic about fashion as a whole: designing, styling, photography, writing, and even its psychology. She is a self proclaimed spelling champ and enjoys the intricacy of written composition.

“Society is so fast paced that we don't take the time to fully write out our words. Short-forming is so prevalent and when we're surrounded by such restrictions as the 140 characters of Twitter, that shortening translates into the real world. That's where I come in. One should never compromise accuracy for expeditiousness."

Lynda is responsible for copy-editing and proof reading.



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