Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TARA WRIGHT: Exclusive Interview


Occupation: Model
Agency: Fulcher
City: Toronto, Canada

FASHION STUDIO: Tara, you moved to Toronto from Vancouver. How would you compare those two cities in terms of fashion, shopping and modelling industry?

TARA: Polar opposites! I love both cities very much but for very different reasons. Toronto is obviously a larger city so in terms of fashion, shopping and the modeling industry T.O. is definitely the place to be :)

FASHION STUDIO: What are your strengths as a model?

TARA: I LOVE the runway :) I do a lot of runway modeling and love every minute of it. I also love shooting editorials and advertisements. I definitly shoot a lot of dark or mysterious editorial concepts so I would say that is a strength of mine.

FASHION STUDIO: Any weak points?

TARA: Of course I have weak points, everyone does! I feel like there is always room to grow in the talent industry. I am constantly learning new things and improving my art. 

FASHION STUDIO: What has been you biggest achievement so far?

TARA: My biggest achievement so far was my cover and editorial spread in Fantastics Mag. I was so impressed at how well the story came to life and I transformed into my character.

FASHION STUDIO: What type of projects are you mostly interested in?

TARA: I am interested in all types of projects! But most of all advertisements, editorials, commercials, runway, traveling and of course cruises :) And I'm sure you are wondering what I mean by cruises? I took part in a hair show on a caribbean cruise. It was amazing!

FASHION STUDIO: Have you got any interest in acting?

TARA: Absolutely! I have not done much to date but I have plans to take some acting courses in the future and break into that industry.

FASHION STUDIO: Which supermodels do you admire?

TARA: All of them! As a child I always looked up to Claudia Schiffer. I prayed I would be 5'10" just like her but I didn't quite make it although I was close :) I also love Heidi Klum. I appreciate her ability to balance her career and family life.

FASHION STUDIO: Which famous photographer would you like to work with?

TARA: There are so many to choose from! I would obviously love to work with them all. But one of my favorites is Annie Leibovitz. She has had such a successful career, she is a living legand and her photos hold immense emotion and character, sometimes even in amusing situations.

FASHION STUDIO: What is important if someone wants to succeed in the modelling industry?

TARA: If you want to succeed in the modeling industry you need the ambition and drive to push forward. It is a very fun but busy industry so you really have to give it your full attention and all your energy.

FASHION STUDIO: How to be confident?

TARA: Confidence comes from within, it comes with time and practice. Practice makes perfect :)

FASHION STUDIO: What would you like to achieve in life?

TARA: I have been very fortunate in achieving a lot of my goals already! I would really like to continue growing in the talent industry. I would love to do some travel modeling and expand my experience with acting.

FASHION STUDIO: How do you spend your free time?

TARA: I spend my free time with my family! They are very important to me so they get every free second :)

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe your personality?

TARA: I think I am a nice balance between a type A and B personaliy. I am ambitious and goal driven but I am easy going, relaxed and patient. I am also a Libra and follow in suite with my astrological traits including my love for art, perfection and attention to detail. I am reliable and organized. I am also a socialite and like to have fun :)

FASHION STUDIO: Your tips for attending castings...

TARA: For castings you must be on time, and if you aim to be 15 minutes early even better! Always be prepared with your portfolio book, comp cards and headshots. Be professional and dress appropriately. But most importantly just relax and be yourself!

FASHION STUDIO: What is your beauty regime?

TARA: I always wash my make up off! After a photoshoot or runway show I will sometimes even wash my face twice, once to get the make up off and the second time to actually clean my skin. Then I use a skin firming gel and always moisturize! 

FASHION STUDIO: You took part in LG Fashion Week last year. How do you remember that experience?

TARA: LG Fashion Week was a lot of fun! They were organized, which is so important. The teams that came together to make the show happen were all very professional and extremely talented! I had a great time and would love to take part in it next season!

FASHION STUDIO: What is your favourite fashion trend for Spring/Summer 2011?

TARA: I adore so many aspects of the many spring/summer trends this year. I have an appreciation for the colors, patterns and shapes. Most of all I love the new spins on the neo punk style! I also enjoy the white out look. I think it is fresh, clean and classy. And then of course there is always feathers and fringe, one of my all time favorites!!!

FASHION STUDIO: What plans have you got for the future?

TARA: For the future I would love to continue growing in my modeling career. I am having a lot of fun with it and can't wait to experience more! I would also love to take some acting classes and expand in the talent industry!

By Eva Fydrych
All photos courtesy of Tara Wright

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