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Press Release

8 July - 11 July 2011
Complesso Monumentale S. Spirito in Sassia
Hadrian’s Temple
Palazzo della CiviltĂ  Italiana – Eur Roma

Now in its 19th edition, AltaRomAltaModa will be held from 8 to 11 July 2011 at its usual headquarters, namely Complesso Monumentale S. Spirito in Sassia.

Well-established names of historic Maisons including Sarli, Curiel, Balestra and Gattinoni once again confirm their preference for Rome. Hailing from the Lebanon, Altaroma is once again proud to welcome back Abed Mahfouz, Tony Ward and Jack Guisso. Furthermore, the catwalks of Rome will also see the presentation of collections by Rami al Ali with his couture glamour together with those by Giada Curti and Nino Lettieri.

Considered by the fashion community as one of the most authoritative competitions for the scouting of new talents to be launched on the world market, Who is on Next?, the project created and organized by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italia, is now in its 7th edition.

The third edition of LIMITED/UNLIMITED, the exhibition project developed by Silvia Venturini Fendi which represents the new soul of Altaroma: avant-garde concepts and research encounter sartorial tradition, giving life to neocuture.

During fashion week the city will come alive and be animated by exhibitions, events, store openings and book presentations.

Rome with its immense cultural heritage is increasingly considered as an additional reference point in the firmament of Italian artistic creativity. The city’s mission is to represent a place where historic sedimentation and cultural fusion are broken up and then recomposed in order to thus coexist within a new dynamic equilibrium.


In terms of surpassing all limits. Tradition and experimentation. Fashion and savoir faire, the skill of hands that create marvellous objects. Rome’s cultural heritage and the future. Though seemingly opposing, all of these aspects combine to give birth to a new equilibrium that generates energy and a creative ability that not only surpasses all limits but also creates new values. In Rome where art represents a universal heritage and marks the passing of time, fashion’s DNA also carries that sense of manual work and that material culture which are a tangible sign of the Legend.

If memory serves as a project for the future, in the vibrant landscape that Altaroma is tracing, as a meeting place between art, fashion and culture, that which we can only define as neocouture is in the process of being born. A vital and passionate project which, in addition to the concepts of handcrafting and couture - the heirs of noble Renaissance artisan tradition - will now also see those of research, experimentation and high-tech, representing ideal stimuli of our times.

This modern day reinterpretation of couture as a form of typical Roman fashion, revisits contemporary style and makes it significant through the use of clothing, accessories, everyday objects and the City, which will become a stage for events, performances and happenings.

It goes without saying that special attention will be given to the creative challenges inherent in the Limited/Unlimited project which will once again see some 40 designers involved in the creation of a garment, an accessory or a piece of jewellery. Furthermore, this year’s event will also see the birth of the special RE/EDITION project. Eight young designers, who actually initiated their careers at Altaroma, will demonstrate their skills with the re-edition of an iconic garment of an historic Italian maison. The new garments, strictly unique items, will be sold in exclusive online at yoox.com.

“Who is on Next?”, the competition for young talents will continue. An exhibition dedicated to Mario Testino, photographer of glamorous fashion and of an elite world which makes elegant worldliness its code of life will be held at Fondazione Memmo. Conversely, Katerina Jebb, a British artist and photographer whose stylistic code is characterized by the use of superimposed images achieved through the use of photocopiers and scanners, is responsible for the image of the 2011 July event.

Another exciting item on the events calendar will be the presentation of the book “La donna su misura - Roma”, a continuation of the research initiated with the version dedicated to men where, amidst ateliers, artisan workshops and boutiques, a precious map, detailing artisan skills and competencies, was traced by the authors. It is only through practical experience that the memory of masters and a personal vision of the world and of life can be expressed, thereby putting the creator in touch not only with those who created these limited items but also the end user. In a circular relationship that imbues the object and the garment with special meaning because creativity knows no bounds.
Source: Image.net press materials

Images from the past events:

A model presents a creation by students of Italy's Fashion and Costume Academy during
the AltaRoma fashion week in Rome, Italy, on January 31, 2011. (Danilo Schiavella / EPA)

A model presents a creation by students of Italy's Fashion and Costume Academy
during the AltaRoma fashion week in Rome, Italy. (Danilo Schiavella / EPA)

Source: AltaRoma

8 July - 11 July 2011

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