Wednesday, October 19, 2011


By Joseph Rasch


In ideal situations, a lens will focus the light on your subject projecting that light onto the image plane. This is how a clear image is made. There are various easy methods to influence the light entering your lens in order to create different effects or aberrations. 

Step one:
Take a trip to your local fabric store. Look for sheer and lacy fabrics that will let light pass through the weave of the material. Do not be shy about using colored fabrics, for this will only help you achieve different effects that may be desired.

Photo credit: Glaminicism

Step two:
Find a subject and use your light meter for desired exposure. Place fabric in front of the lens and begin shooting. A few may help you. The closer you place the fabric to the front element of your lens the softer the image becomes (this is a much cheaper method than purchasing a soft focus filter). I find a lens shade is a perfect length from which to hang fabric; this gives enough room for the pattern in the fabric to translate onto the image; it becomes abstract. 

Also, fabric and lace are not the only materials that can be used to create a similar effect. I have placed magnifying glasses and a variety of other transparent objects in front of my camera lens to create aberrations.

First example: No effect

Second example: With lace

Third example: Thin red fabric

Fourth example: Pantyhose (tights)
Photos by Joseph Rasch


Joseph Rasch is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. His photography portfolio includes fashion, beauty, and glamour. Joseph likes mixing different ideas; his style is edgy, artistic and unconventional.


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