Monday, October 3, 2011


By Eva Fydrych

Goa offers a lot of shopping possibilities - from cosmopolitan department stores and luxury boutiques to street stalls at the local markets where you can find exotic products and original handmade jewellery. This region of India is also famous for its superb quality raw silks and traditional Indian cotton. The art of weaving and dyeing of cotton had been known in India for 5000 years!

High-end boutiques located at resorts, hotels and modern shopping centres offer a wide selection of fashionable goods and luxury items of both Indian and Western origin.

Bebel - luxury boutique offering fashion accessories and jewellery, mostly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Don't miss: Beautiful handbags by Cat-B (Catharina Birkel, German designer).


Shop No.3, House No. 156,
Opp. St. Anthony Chapel,
Calangute, GOA 403156

0832 6451489


“Being the only one wearing this bag or this collar is the ultimate exclusive feeling” - Bebel's Boutique motto.

Fashion Studio favourites:
Cat-B limited-edition Spring Moon Bag from Bebel's Boutique.
Price on request.

CAT B limited-edition Soft Summer Bag made of soft calf-leather
with a laser printed image on PVC by artist Wiebke Pforr. Bebel's Boutique.
Price on request.

Anjuna Market - a flea market born in 1975 held every Wednesday at Anjuna Beach. Populated by vendors from different states of India. Very popular among foreign visitors.

Best for: Traditional crafts, shoes, colourful sarongs, cotton beachwear, embroidered handbags, Indian jewellery,


Anjuna Beach, North Goa

Every Wednesday

Fashion Studio favourites:
A simple sarong - stylish cover up for the beach.

Pair it up with a matching bikini top and funky jewellery.

Jewellery has been an important element of Indian fashion since ancient history. Every market in India has its own share of gold and silversmiths. According to Hindu belief, gold and silver are considered as sacred metals symbolizing the warm Sun and the cool Moon - they are the quintessential metals of Indian jewellery. Pure gold, which doesn't oxidize or corrode with time, is associated with immortality. Other common materials used to produce jewellery include stones, wood, plant seeds and conch shells.

Jewellery in India fulfills many functions and wearing it has several implications. It may serve as a symbol of social status, it is used in religious ceremonies, signifies marital status, protects from evil spirits, serves as an identity marker and - most obviously - as a form of adornment.

Simona Bassi Jewellery - original designs inspired by nature and art. Jewellery and accessories - "handmade with LOVE and PASSION". A beautiful fusion of modern and antique.


House no. 258 Socolvaddo
Assagao, India 403507

+91 9850057169


Fashion Studio favourites:
Simona Bassi. Price available on request.

Fire & Water, Turning Ring (Lava, Opal, Silver and Gold).
Simona Bassi. Price on request.

Interesting facts:

  • India was the first country to mine diamonds, with some mines dating back to 296 BC.
  • The earliest inhabitants of Goa wore clothes made of loincloth and beads, a tradition still kept alive by various tribes such as the Gauda, Dhangar, Zalmi and Velip.


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