Saturday, February 25, 2012


By Eva Fydrych

The former D&G model and now fashion editor of L’Uomo Vogue, Italian born Giovanna Battaglia is known for her exquisite fashion taste and effortless style. Rarely seen wearing trousers, Giovanna is always a picture of femininity, a real Milanese lady (although now living in New York). She likes a combination of shapes and patterns and is often seen as a revolutionary style icon. Giovanna also works as a fashion stylist.

"I always invent stuff randomly — kind of polished but still glamorous. Not too overloaded, but I try to have fun with myself, dressing up, not being too obvious. Sometimes I'm just classic or wear a crazy pair of shoes or accessories, but I never overload it."

”The lower I feel, the higher the heels.” - Giovanna Battaglia

Pierre Hardy Grosgrain Sandals

"I love the fact that there are a lot of colours. I love colours. And it’s usually difficult to have so many bright colours and bold colours as a trend. I bought a lot of Prada — I love the stripes, for instance. I love the bananas and the monkeys, which are kind of funny but not in a cheesy way. And I also love the white — Dolce & Gabbana did a lot of white, which I love and I think you can always wear."

"It is not the clothes you wear that turn you into an icon. It is a matter of personality, you need to nourish this first and then express through clothing."

"New York pushed me to dress up more. I know it’s kind of the opposite for New Yorkers, who want to dress down cool."

Anna Dello Russo & Giovanna Battaglia

Photos courtesy of Gastro Chic, Getty Images, New York Magazine, Phil Oh, Stockholm Streetstyle, Vogue & Zimbio.

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