Saturday, March 3, 2012


By Ian Howard

We asked two London-based professionals to answer some beauty questions...

Model: Katarina, Makeup by Chitra, Hair by Moira (Photo by Ian Howard)


Occupation: Makeup Artist
City: London, UK

Why did you get into makeup as a profession?

I have always had a passion for makeup when I was younger. I used to do some catwalk modelling and also worked at the makeup counters of big department stores during university which really inspired me and fuelled my interest and passion for makeup.

Are you a self-taught makeup artist or did you go through a recognised training centre: London College of Fashion, Ash Kumar Academy, The Session School, Academy of Freelance Makeup ?

I am mainly self-taught. I did a very good basic, one day course with a makeup artist Zaf Ansari who founded the Supercover range of makeup. From there, taught myself and learnt as I went along, practising on clients and gaining inspiration from books and magazines.

Where do you buy your kit?

Most of my kit is from Mac, however I also have good essentials from Chanel, YSL and Benefit.

Do you take on board the model's personality and style when visualising a creation before styling it for a shoot? 

Yes, I feel it's important because if the model feels comfortable in the style she will be able to show it off better.

Official website: INNOCENCE BEAUTY

Model: Katarina, Makeup by Chitra, Hair by Moira (Photo by Ian Howard)


Occupation: Hair Stylist
City: London, UK

Who in the professional world of hair styling inspires you?

Patrick Cameron. His work is mainly glamour but using a few of his tips with fashion hair it automatically looks better.

Obviously you have many clients wanting different styles. What is your favourite genre to create: wedding, catwalk, salon styling?

Wedding because you bring the best out of your client. Also catwalk because I love big experimental and creative styles.

Where do you buy your kit and why?

I brought my kit as I grew into the styling world from many different places. A favourite would be just after watching Patrick Cameron in a show and adding something to my kit from his selection.

Model: Marissa, Makeup by Christelle, Hair by Moira (Photo by Ian Howard)

Have you been self-taught in hairdressing or have you had formal training with industry professional stylists such as Akin Konizi, Brooks & Brooks, Hooker & Young, Desmond Murray, West Thames College, London College of Fashion?

I started off with a hairdressing college in Malta 10 years ago, after that I travelled around and worked in many different salons learning as I went along. Lots of it is self-taught from trial and error, I watch lots of tutorials too as you never know where you're going to pick up a trick or two.

What do you keep in your kit? 

In my kit I always have my pins and grips, back combing brush, curl wand, and hairspray. I can do most things with those, but I also have straighteners, hairdryer, brushes, some rollers, grips, and a few hair pieces.

Official website: MOIRA BORG



Photographer: IAN HOWARD
Assistant Photographer: ANDY BOWMAN
Location: Motions Studios in Croydon, Surrey

*Special thanks to IAN HOWARD for organizing the shoot and submitting the idea for this feature.

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