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By Eva Fydrych

24-28 April 2012

Photo courtesy of FAT

Toronto, ON |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week takes place from 24 to 28 April 2012. It is a great chance to see some of Toronto’s best alternative fashion designers. In addition to runway shows, there will be performances, photography exhibits, and videos on display.

"The unique blend of fashion, art and culture make this festival a true mirror of the city of Toronto," says Vanja Vasic, Executive Director of |FAT|. "The festival's unique vision in presenting diverse perspectives in an inclusive environment, make this event a perfect backdrop for showcasing the immense talent from Canada and around the world."

This year |FAT| comes to life at a new location, a former industrial warehouse located at 213 Sterling Road, Toronto’s new up‐and‐coming arts and design district. Some of the alternative fashion designers showing this year include Asphyxia, Victory & Vice, House of Etiquette, Cinched Tight Corsets, Starkers Corsetry, Pippa Latex, Artifice Clothing, and Dystropolis.

The 2012 theme is fashionSCAPES and it mirrors the concept of landscapes: unique, seasonal, and ever changing. Each night a different sub‐theme will be explored around the ideas of land, city, body and future.


|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week is a platform for inventive, pioneering and contemporary expression. This annual multi-arts event features 200 national and international fashion designers, visual artists, bands and performers each year. The festival delivers a packed schedule of runway shows, live performances, music, photography exhibits, video screenings and installation exhibits, to celebrate leaders in a wide range of art forms. Held every April, the event welcomes 5,000 people including stylists, buyers, curators, critics, members of the media, the arts, music and fashion related industry as well as the general public.

|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week has a mandate of showcasing artistic disciplines rooted in fashion and their exploration of clothing and the body in today’s time. The festival emphasizes this mandate through the showcase of fashion design, photography, installation, film, video, performance, music and dance, in an effort to push forward and redefine our perception of the fashion phenomenon.
Source: FAT

All photos courtesy of FAT

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