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By Lisa Doherty

The Natural You 

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Wearing makeup is one of the great pleasures in a woman’s life. Some women prefer to wear only a dusting of blush, and others can often give a circus clown a run for their money. All in all, many women love to wear makeup. One of the many questions that I am asked as a makeup artist is: How can I wear makeup without making it look like I am wearing too much? Everyone has their own preference, but the majority of women want to have that girl next door, natural look. So here are some ways to make your every day makeup appear natural and chique. 

Instead of foundation, which can often clog up your pores, use a tinted moisturizer. Many tinted moisturizers also provide SPF coverage. This bonus allows you to have your cake and eat it too by providing good coverage, moisturized skin, and sun protection all in one. Matching the tinted moisturizer to your own skin colour perfectly will give the illusion of flawless skin, as it is almost invisible. To finish your canvas off for the rest of your face, you can contour your cheekbones with a light bronzer. 

Tinted moisturizer

Another popular choice for a natural look is clear mascara. This is especially beautiful on women who already have dark eyelashes and just want to make them stand out a little bit more. For those women who have lashes that are light or almost non-existent, use a more natural colour like a light brown. This way you are applying mascara, but giving your lashes just a bit of colour without making them look unnatural.

Moving on up to eyebrows. A woman’s eyebrows define her face. Often, simply colouring them in and shaping them can give you a whole different appearance. This is the first thing many people notice about someone’s face, so the last thing you want someone to notice is a poorly drawn on eyebrow. To give yourself that perfect arch and shade, try using eyeshadow instead of an eyebrow pencil. This may take some practice, as less is more and you simply need just a dusting of eyeshadow to provide the coverage you need. For most women a greyish/brown or dark brown, depending on your hair colour are the best shades to use. 

Photo courtesy of Hanne, a fashion model from Norway

To conclude your natural look, pucker up with a nude lip pencil and gloss/lipstick. However, you may not want to borrow your best friend’s lip gloss just yet, because what a nude colour is to one person, is not necessarily the right colour for the next. A nude colour is one that matches your own lip shade. Some women have a more pink lip, while others can barely tell the difference between where their skin ends and their lips begin. Having a nude lip colour also provides you with an accessory that will go with any ensemble you may put together. 

Going for a natural look is a great way to make yourself look beautiful without going over the top, and it will never go out of style. Remember that to make your look extra natural, you can always apply natural, mineral makeup as well.

Lisa Doherty 


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