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By Lisa Doherty

Ageless Beauty 

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Although we should all be satisfied with how we look as we age gracefully, it seems that we are always looking to improve our appearance and look younger. Here are some ways that we can use beauty products to make it look like we took a trip to the fountain of youth. 

Fake an Eye Lift 

To correct a droopy upper lid, contouring is your best friend. Use a light coloured shadow near the lash line and a deeper shade in the arc ABOVE the crease where the lid is dropping. The lighter shade makes the bottom of the eyelid more visible, while the dark shade makes the puffy top part recede. The result is a wider eye. 

Lip Service 

It’s undeniable, even plump lips lose their volume as we get older. Darker, matte lips only accentuate this unfortunate circumstance. In order to give Angelina Jolie a run for her money, switch to a bright, gloss. The brightness and glossiness make your lips appear fuller and smoother. If your mouth is the concern, due to your teeth, you might also wish to consider dental implants. These can refresh the look and feel of your teeth to help you appear younger.

Photo courtesy of Max Factor

Get Cheeky 

As we age, the fat pads in our cheeks fall. A bright pink blush can be a substitute for the far more invasive dermal filler injections. A bright blush will illuminate the cheekbone and will help draw the eye upward. 

Lose The Powder 

At times, dry makeup makes the skin look cakey. As you get older and your skin produces less oil, dewy makeup is more flattering. Consider switching to a light weight tinted moisturizer with luminizing effects. Cream versions of blush and bronzer will help with this as well. And don’t forget highlighter. A few drops of shimmer on the cheekbones are the makeup equivalent of good lighting. 

Photo courtesy of Snow Caps

Less Liner is More 

As we age, our skin around our eyes begins to move and change shape, adding wrinkles and puffiness in the mix. This gives the illusion of smaller eyes. Unfortunately, so does eyeliner. Eyeliners, especially darker colours, make the eyes look small and tired. If you can’t live without your liner, wean yourself by starting with going only half way across the bottom lash line, then eventually to only wearing it solely on the top lash line. 

Now that you know a few ways to shake up your beauty routine in order to look and feel younger, try them for yourself!

Lisa Doherty 


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Lisa Doherty is a Makeup Artist based in Kingston, Ontario. Lisa shares her beauty knowledge with our readers in her regular articles for Fashion Studio Magazine. Not only is she a talented Makeup Artist, but she is a great writer too! Her articles are always very interesting and informative, featuring the latest beauty and makeup trends in the industry.

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